Room booking

Students can book a room for an event either through the Leeds University Union or their school depending on the purpose of the event.

How to book a room

Students cannot directly make room bookings but you can go through the Student Union if you’re booking a student-society activity or through your school if you’re booking a non-student-society activity.

Booking for a student society

If you would like to make a student society booking, please contact Leeds University Union.

Booking for a non-student society

If you would like to book a room for non-student society activity, please ask a member of staff from your school to book the room for you using our online booking system.

Booking a core room

If you would like to use a core room during a vacation periods, they are reserved by the Conferences and Events team up to the following cut-off dates:

  • 1 October for Christmas vacation
  • 1 February for Easter vacation
  • 1 May for summer vacation

After the cut-off dates, rooms are available for anyone from within the University who would like one.


Using core rooms after the cut-off date and all other central teaching space rooms is free for students or staff. If you book a room when the building would normally be closed, you may need to pay for a porter to work overtime.

Catering and extra equipment

If you need catering for the event you’re planning, this can be arranged through the Conferences and Events team. Have a look at the Catering menus and pricing. If you need any media or AV equipment, visit the Estates and Campus Support Services website to find out more.