What can I do with my degree?

A degree from the University of Leeds opens many doors – regardless of what course you studied, you’ll be employable, and you’ll have gained more skills than you even realise!

You don’t necessarily have to follow a career path that is related to your degree.

Many people end up working in jobs they’d consider ‘unrelated’ to their degree title, but they’re utilising the skills and interests they developed at university. 

Things like research skills, critical thinking, writing, logic – you’ve learnt so much more than just the topic of your course.

However, a first step for many considering career options is to consider jobs that complement their course or utilise specific skills you will have learnt during your degree. 


Mentoring connects a professional (mentor) and a student (mentee). You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your mentor, who will share their expertise, knowledge and insights to support your career development. Mentoring is a great way to hear first-hand where your degree can take you in an industry area of your interest.

Book in a subject-specific careers appointment

We have dedicated careers experts for all subject areas – so they’re a great place to start. 

They’ll be knowledgeable about where graduates from your degree have ended up, and what type of employers are looking for you. 

Head to the Appointments section in MyCareer to find an appointment with one of our consultants from your faculty.

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