Lost Property in Examinations

Items left in examination venues will be taken to the examination sub-offices by invigilators after each examination.  Find out where you can locate and collect your lost property.

Lost property found in examination venues will be taken to the nearest sub-office and kept there for the duration of the examination/assessment period.  You can find out the location of your venue's sub-office on the List of venues and sub-offices webpage. 

If you wish to find out if your property has been returned to the sub-office, please call in advance.  If the sub-office does have your item, they will advise you of a time for you to come and collect it.  There will be busy times in the sub-office that should be avoided due to the volume of people that will be in the office, so the sub-office staff wil advise you of an appropriate time.  The phone numbers for the sub-offices can be found on the List of venues and sub-offices webpage.

Throughout the examination/assessment period, lost property not collected will be registered on the Not Lost Property Hub.  See the Estates webpage for details of how to register your lost item.  Items of high value (for example laptops) will be taken to the Security Office.  Please see the campus map webpage for the location.

Student ID cards left in examination venues

Any Student ID cards found in examination venues will taken to the sub-office after the examination.  You will be contacted by email with instructions on how to collect your card. 

If you do lose your ID card then you can apply for a new one.  Information about this can be found on the Student Card webpage.