What do we mean by “shared values”?

Integrity is one of the University’s defining values, meaning that we share a commitment to openness and honesty in our words and actions. This extends to everyone – staff and students alike – and to all aspects of University life.

See the University Values and Responsibility webpage.

Applying these standards in our academic studies and research is vital to ensure that we each, individually, receive the credit that we deserve for our work and that, together, we preserve the University’s academic reputation and the worth of your degree.

The University is committed to working in partnership with students. We will support you to develop the understanding and skills needed to maintain the academic integrity of your work. We will help you to gain confidence in expressing your own thoughts in your own voice. In return, we require you to take responsibility for the integrity of your work. We expect that all work will meet the University’s standards for academic integrity. See The Leeds Partnership webpages for more information.

We believe that without academic integrity, your education would be devalued. This means that the University has a duty to help all its members to do the right thing. We have an equal duty, however, to ensure that nobody gains an unfair advantage in any assessment. We will, therefore, investigate cases of suspected academic misconduct and take appropriate action against anyone who breaches our integrity standards. For more information see the Academic Misconduct Procedure available on the Student Cases webpage.