Script Books

What is a script book, what information do I need to put on my script book and how do I anonymise the booklet?  Can I have additional paper for rough work?

For on campus examinations The University of Leeds script books have a number of different coloured outside covers.  A stationery pack is prepared before the examination, containing the correct number of script books for each examination room.  Depending on the requirements of the question paper, one script book will be placed on each desk. 

You must complete the front of the script book and read the information, do not make any notes in the script book or on any of the other items on your desk or turn over any of the items until you are instructed to do so by an Invigilator.  All rough work can be done on the left hand pages of the script book. Cross out anything you don’t want to be considered by the examiner. 

In most examinations you can raise your hand and ask for a rough work book.  There are some examinations that state in the rubric that rough work books are not permitted, please check the front of the question paper.  If you fill your script book, you can raise your hand and ask for an additional script book.

A red supplementary script book will be given for rough work and/or as an additional script book.  You must fill in your student number on the front cover of the supplementary script book and ensure you attach it to any other script book and/or question paper you are submitting at the end of the examination.  You should have a treasury tag on your desk, if not raise your hand and ask the Invigilator for one.

Fill in all of your details as requested:

  • Student Identification number
  • Date
  • Room
  • Seat Number
  • Module Code (as printed on the examination paper)
  • Module/Examination Title (as printed on the examination paper)
  • Programme of Study

The script book(s) must be anonymised before they are collected at the end of the examination:

  • Fold the edge of the cover back towards the centre of the front cover (as instructed at the top of the page).
  • Remove the white sticky tape from the front cover.
  • Press down the edge of the page to seal.

The script book is now anonymised.

You will also need to fill in the bottom half of the front cover to show which questions you attempted.