Allowing someone else to do your work for you

There are a number of reasons why you must not allow someone else to do your work for you; so that they

a) complete an entire piece of work;

b) help you with planning and researching;

c) contribute partially to the drafting and/or writing of your work; or

d) proof-read, edit, or re-write your original text.

Why is this a problem?

By allowing someone else to do your work you deliberately mislead markers about your ability and knowledge. You also risk financial exploitation and blackmail by using on-line sites offering essay- writing and proof-reading services. Such sites are illegal in the UK.

What can I do to avoid problems with my work?

1) Ignore claims from on-line essay and proof-reading sites, or from other students, that the University approves of their use. Never contact these sites.

2) Help us to stamp out illegal services by reporting any you encounter to via the email address or to the Leeds University Student Union (LUU) Help and Support Team.

3) Never ask family or friends to do work for you. Say ‘no’ if they offer to provide you with ideas or answers.

4) If you are struggling with work, or personal difficulties, seek support from your academic personal tutor or other University staff.

What are the penalties if something goes wrong?

It is a particularly serious breach of academic integrity to allow someone to do your work for you. The normal penalty is permanent exclusion from the University. For more information, see the Academic Misconduct Procedure available on the Student Cases webpage.