Making improvements together

As a student of the University of Leeds your voice is important and valued. You are an active partner in your own education and experience so sharing your suggestions on how your Leeds experience is best delivered to meet your needs is really important.

We strive to build a community of trust, and recognise that every student’s perspective and ideas are important in contributing to our success as a learning community. 
We want you to be co-creators in your education and experience. There are a number of ways to get involved with this and to ensure your voice is heard: 

  • You can get support, resources and financial help through our Student Ideas Fund to help bring to life any ideas you have about making improvements at Leeds. Find out more about the Student Ideas Fund and how to apply.
  • You will have the opportunity to raise any matters that are important to you with your personal tutor 
  • Module leaders will provide you with opportunities to provide comments and suggestions on the content and delivery of each module 
  • Leeds University Union will appoint student representatives to seek your ideas about how education is managed within your school and how you can work with the school to make things better
  • Your student representatives (known as school and course reps) will work in partnership with your school to help organise and lead Student Staff Partnership Forums to allow your ideas and suggestions to be heard, discussed and considered 
  • Your views will feed into the annual plan that each school makes in response to issues raised by students in the school through student satisfaction surveys (such as the National Student Survey and the University’s internal programme survey) and other mechanisms for student voice (including those listed here) 
  • Your school student representatives will seek your views and raise issues that are important to you at school and faculty committees and will present your ideas at review events, such as Annual School review meetings

If you would be interested in becoming a student representative, find out more on the Leeds University Union (LUU) student voice page.  

Digital transformation at Leeds

We are planning our longer-term strategy to extend the quality of our student education offer through digital transformation, and your views are important to this work. 

There is already a wide range of support available for you to develop your digital skills, which we are planning to embed more thoroughly into your educational experience.

If you have seen an example of a digital student experience that you wish you had, or a tool or system that might help you or other students to study more effectively, please share your ideas on digital transformation with us through Padlet, a virtual pin board

If digital transformation is something you are interested in and you want to be involved in an on-going conversation, please send an email to to express your interest in joining a Digital Transformation Advisory Board. This group will be composed of staff, students and external partners, and will shape the University’s future direction towards digital transformation.