Research student guidance

As a research postgraduate researcher, you need to be aware of certain administrative guidelines, procedures and codes of practice during your time at Leeds. 

Detailed information and guidance on all aspects of research degrees can be found in the Doctoral College Handbook. Please go to the Regulations, codes, policies and procedures for postgraduate researchers webpage to find a copy of the Doctoral College Handbok or contact your Graduate School.

PGR handbook

The current Doctoral College handbooks (also known as the PGR handbook) for each Faculty/School can be found on the SES webpage Regulations, codes, policies and procedures for postgraduate research. For copies of Doctoral College handbooks for previous academic years, please get in touch with

Registration, fees and student records

All students need to register at the start of each year of study. As part of the registration process you are expected to confirm your agreement to abide by the rules, regulations, procedures and codes governing your studies, learning and conduct at the University and use of the services provided by the University as given in the Student Contract.


Paying your fees

Student Cards - new and replacement

Change of name / address

Maintenance payments

Leaving the university

Financial implications of leaving early

Progress, assessment and monitoring

In order to support you, identify any training needs and to ensure you are on track your progress will be monitored and evaluated throughout your studies. Should you encounter any academic or personal difficulties there are a number of ways that the University can support you.

Attendance monitoring policy

Progress monitoring overview 

Graduate Record of Achievement and Development (GRAD) 

Transfer assessment

Examination (Research Degree Assessment)

Absences, suspensions and extensions of your research

Progress support procedure (PSP) (PDF)

Thesis submission and examination

Formal Regulations and Codes of Practice

Complaints, Appeals and Disciplinary Matters

Engaging in research 

For a comprehensive list of policies relating to research see the Research Support website

Ordinance and Regulations and Programmes of Study for Research Degrees

Ordinances define the qualifications the University awards and the associated regulations. They form part of the University Constitution. The full set of ordinances is held on the Secretariat website. Ordinance X relates directly to postgraduate researchers and provides details of the general University regulations regarding entry requirements, assessment of progress, time limits for examination and the criteria that must be met before a research degree can be awarded. 

Information on Programmes of Study for the current academic year (which includes information on learning outcomes) is available on the Ordinances page. For Information on Programmes of Study for previous academic years, please get in touch with