Religious Observance and Assessments

If you're unable to attend assessments on Sabbaths, holy days or religious festivals, find out how to notify the Assessment & Progress Team and what arrangements can be put in place.

There is an expectation that many assessments will be online for the 2022/23 academic year (i.e. digital and electronic submission).  Please liaise with your school in regard to how the modules will be assessed.  You can find contact information on the School Contacts webpage.

Holy Days or Religious Festivals

If you are unable to attend examinations/assessments on Sabbaths, holy days or religious festivals (including Eid celebrations), please tell the Assessment & Progress Team by completing the Notification of religious commitments form by:

  • Friday 28 October 2022 (for January 2023 assessment period)
  • Friday 24 February 2023 (for May/June 2023 assessment period)
  • Wednesday 19 July 2023 (for August 2023 resit assessment period) 

After these dates, it will be more difficult to take into account your requests as we will have started compiling the assessment timetable.

Please include on the form all the dates during the examination/assessment periods which affect you (including weekends).  For more information on the dates of examination/assessment periods please see the Exam Periods webpage.

The University will make every effort to avoid arranging assessments on a Sabbath or holy day. However, sometimes we may need to hold assessments on such days if no alternative time is possible.