Transfer to a new programme

Sometimes students decide they would like to change the programme of study they are registered for.  This might be possible, but the following process should be followed. 

If you wish to enquire about transferring to a new programme of study, you should complete this online Change of Programme Initial Enquiry Form (opens a Microsoft Form page in a new window) in the first instance.  This will notify your proposed new Parent School of your interest, and they will contact you to discuss your enquiry further.  Note that you must complete this form even if your enquiry is about a programme in your current Parent School.  In some cases further information may be requested from you at this stage, such as a written statement, or qualifications relating to your proposed new programme.   

If you obtain approval from your proposed new Parent School to change your programme, you will be provided with a second online form which you must complete in order to confirm your intention to change.  Whether or not you are permitted to transfer programme is likely to depend on a number of factors including: 

  • meeting the entry requirements 

  • a satisfactory academic record to date 

  • capacity in the receiving programme 

Academic requirements 

When you transfer to a new programme, it is expected that you will complete its full academic requirements. 

It is your responsibility to take note of any advice given to you during discussions about changing programmes.. Your new Parent School will provide you with induction information etc. relating to your new programme.   

If there are any specific gaps in learning outcomes, you may be asked to take a small number of additional credits, or forego a Discovery module, in order to take a specified module. You are not permitted to repeat any you have previously taken and passed.  

Credit transfers 

It may be possible, with the permission of the new Parent School, to allow some of the credit you previously gained to be transferred, if they decide that any of the modules you have already taken meet the learning outcomes of your new programme. 


Generally, the regulations concerning resits will be identical in the programmes between which you are transferring. However, if they are different, the regulations of the programme into which you transfer apply. 

Starting your new programme

It may not be possible for you to start your new programme until the beginning of the following session, in which case you will be expected to withdraw temporarily for the rest of the session and you must take temporary leave. Your current Parent School will advise you on the process for doing this.  It may affect your entitlement to student loans and other funding. Please see Changes in Circumstances for more information on this. 

If, however, a change to another programme of study is not agreed by the end of the Easter vacation and you return to the University after the Easter vacation, you must remain on your current programme and fulfil all examinations and assessments required for your current programme at the end of the session as a condition of the change. 

A late change of programme will not be allowed if you underachieve in your examinations at the end of the year. 

In addition, either school may require you to pass some or all of the examinations or assessments as a condition of the change. During this period, you will continue to be subject to the normal conditions of attendance in the University. 

International students 

If you are an International student on a Student visa/Tier 4 visa, and your proposed change of programme will result in a change to the duration of your programme, the School will seek advice from Student Immigration Compliance before the change will be approved.  This is so that immigration restrictions are checked before the change of programme can be approved.

If visa advice is identified as being required because of the proposed change, you will be contacted to explain what this will be, to confirm you understand any impact on your study visa and that you wish to proceed with the change before it is finally approved.

EEA students who have EU Settled Status, or EU Pre-settled status do not need to take any action regarding your immigration status.

If the change of programme is approved you can then request a new CAS to make a new Student visa/Tier 4 application. If you will be undertaking a work placement or study abroad year it is important that you read further guidance regarding making your new application

If you are required to apply for ATAS clearance as a result of your change of programme, please ensure that you do so at your earliest opportunity following the change. 

Once you are ready to submit your new Student visa application, please email the Student Visa Advice team for an Adviser to check your application and documents. 

For any further enquiries about your Student/Tier 4 visa please email the Student Visa Advice team. 

Transfer to another university 

Sometimes students decide they have made the wrong choice and would like to change to a programme at a different University; this is normally possible. Find out how to transfer to another University