You can use the Academic Appeals Procedure if you want to challenge the outcomes of the University’s assessment process.

You can also appeal against other decisions, such as being withdrawn from your programme on academic grounds or if you do not consider that your mitgating circumstances have been taken into account when considering your finalised results.

Appeals must be submitted withon 20 working days of final results being published.

For detailed information on the Academic Appeals Procedure, please see the Academic Appeals wepbage linked here.

Please read the procedure in full before submitting an appeal.


Things to note before submitting an appeal

You cannot submit an appeal against a provisional assessment result or decision.

You cannot appeal the academic judgement of the assessors. If you do not understand or you disagree with the decsion please ask your School for feedback.

You cannot appeal if you have already graduated or accepted your award.

Appeals against decsions relating to academic interity breaches should be made using the procedure on Cheating, plagiarism, fraudulent or fabricated coursework and malpractice in university examinations and assessments linked here.


You can seek independent advice and support from the Leeds University Union Help and Support team. They can be contacted via email or phone 0113 3801 400 or via their webpage linked here.