Preparing for Your 2024 Assessments

It might feel like there’s such a lot to know about assessment that it’s difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together a helpful list of links where you can quickly get the answers to your questions and help you feel in control.

I want to speak to someone about assessments

If you have a question or need information you can contact our friendly colleagues in the Student Information Service. They can help you if you’ve got questions about any part of the assessment process, from revision to lost property, finding a study space to appeals. They’ll help you find out what you need to know, and put you in touch with the right people if you need more specialist support or advice.

Call us

Our Helpline Team are on hand Monday to Friday 9-5 pm.

  • Call +44 (0)113 343 7000 (from outside of the UK)
  • Call 0800 915 0402 (from inside the UK. This is a free phone number, and you won’t be charged for calling this from your mobile or landline).

Email us

You can email us at

Speak to us, face to face

Our Information Points are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

When are the assessment periods at the University?

There are normally three times of year when assessments happen. These are in the beginning of January, May and June, and for resits, August. 

Assessment Timetables:

What are the dates of the upcoming assessment period/when is the timetable published?

The dates can be found on the Assessment Periods and Timetable Publication Dates webpage.  Important dates are also published in the online Student Calendar.

How do I view my personal assessment timetable?

When the timetable is published (dates of which can be found on the Assessment Periods and Timetable Publication Dates webpage) you will be able to view your personal timetable through Student Services:

  • Log into Minerva
  • In the ‘My Leeds’ page in the section ‘Tools and Other University Systems’ and click Student Services
  • Click on the Examinations Tab
  • Click on the 'My Personal Exam Timetable' link
  • Read the 'Points to note' and click 'Submit'

Module timetables will also be available through the Timetable by Module webpage.

Can I request an assessment be held on a certain date? Can I request an assessment is not on a certain date? Can you move my assessment to a different date?

If you wish to request that an assessment be held on a certain date/not be held on a certain date/moved to another date, you would need to contact the Teaching School in the first instance. If the school is able to support the application, they will contact the Assessment & Progress Team to make the request, and, if possible, the assessment will be timetabled/rescheduled accordingly.   If unsure who to contact in the school, see the School Contacts webpage for information.

Types of assessment

There are lots of different ways you can be assessed at University. Here are helpful links for online and on-campus assessment

I want to know more about online assessments and what to expect

  • What is an online time limited assessment (OTLA)? Helpful information can be found on the Online Time Limited Assessments webpage. 
  • Find out about the different systems that are used for online assessment such as Top Hat, Minerva, Gradescope and more on the Systems for Online Assessment webpage.
  • Worried about your laptop or internet?  See the Laptop Loans and Mobile Internet webpage for help. There are things we can help with. If you experience technical difficulties during an online time limited assessment, you should contact your school as soon as possible to make them aware of this. Please note that IT issues are not normally accepted as Mitigating Circumstances.

What is an online assessment? What are online time limited assessments?

  • Information about systems for online assessments, online time limited assessments and frequently asked questions on the online assessment timetable can be found on the Important Assessment Information webpage.

    Queries about the online assessment timetables.

    Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Timetable FAQs for online assessment webpage

I’m doing an on-campus exam. What will happen?

In 2023 the majority of assessments are expected to be online but some may need to be on campus exams. It could be your first experience of this at University.  If you do have an on campus exam on your timetable:

How to get started with your revision

Preparing for your assessments can help you feel more confident and in control. There are lots of things you can do to help you prepare, including resouces, study tips and people to speak to.

Are there past papers to get an idea of what to expect?

Yes! We have an archive of past papers from most courses that you can look at to give you an idea of what to expect from your assessment.  You can search for the paper you want my module, subject and keyword through the Past Examination Papers webpage.  These can help you understand what to expect. Nearly all modules will have them, but if they are not available, speak to your module leader.

I want to find helpful revision and studying tips (including time management)

The Academic Skills@library webpages have everything you will need. They will help with the academic skills you need to succeed with your studies.

Here are some direct links to the pages which may help you:

You could also sign up for the Skills to Success at University short course which is available through Future Learn website.

Where can I revise and do assessments on campus?

  • The Where to study on campus webpage lists available places to revise and study.
  • Information on the different libraries and opening hours can be found on the Library webpage.

Who can I speak to if I’m worried about studying, revising or my asessments?

If you are worried you can speak to your academic personal tutor. This academic colleague from your School will work in partnership with you, helping you to maximise your success and to ensure you feel you belong as a member of the vibrant academic community here at Leeds.  Find out more on the Academic Personal Tutor webpage.

If you are meeting them, (or want to evaluate your learning so far):

  • Look at the LeedsforLife workbook webpage for more information.
  • StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system.  Visit the StREAM webpage. You’ll see an individual dashboard with up-to-date information on how you are engaging with a range of digital education resources such as virtual classrooms (like BlackBoard Collaborate, MS Teams and Zoom), Minerva and Library eResources. 

Something has gone wrong

There are things that sometimes will go wrong in the build up to the assessment period. Whether it's a serious issue that is affecting you or your family, or a smaller but frustrating technical issue, then find out more and what to do.

What are mitigating circumstances?

Quite simply: something has happened, outside of your control, that is a change to normal life that may affect how you complete your assessments.

Find out more about mitigating circumstances on the Mitigating Circumstances Guidance webpage, including examples and how to apply if you’re affected.

Something has happened during the assessment period

We’ve put together a collection of webpages to help if something has gone wrong during the assessment period.

Understanding the rules around assessments.

Do you know the rules about academic integrity? Make sure you understand all about plagiarism and cheating, so you're able to show your best work in your assessments.

Where can I find out about cheating, and make sure I understand what could get me into trouble?

Looking after yourself during the assessment period

It’s easy to not take care of yourself during assessments. Late nights, lack of exercise, poor diet and more means that you’re not able to do your best. Put yourself first if you can, by scheduling in breaks, keeping in touch with your friends and enjoying fresh air. 

Is there anything going on during the assessment period as a break from revising?

My mental health isn’t very good. Where can I get help?