How to keep your belongings safe when you're not at home

Leeds is generally a fairly safe city, however by taking a few simple steps, you can keep your belongings safe if you’re away for a weekend or a holiday. 

•    Don’t leave any valuables on show through a window. Lock them away safely or take them home with you. 
•    Take extra care when leaving for extended breaks to check your windows and doors and secure and locked. Speak to your landlord immediately if you can’t do this.
•    Control your lights with a timer switch  over the festive season so that it looks like someone is at home.
•    If you are friendly with a neighbour let them know that you will be away, they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious and take any parcels while you are away.
•    If you have a house alarm then take the time to make sure this is set.
•    Make sure that bedroom doors are locked (where fitted)
•    Always password protect your mobile, laptop and other electrical items. 
•    In the event of anything happening you are more likely to get your electrical items back if they are secured, tracked and registered with immobilise – the UK national property register (
•    Mark electronics with a UV pen detailing your postcode, university name and student number.