School/Faculty funded postgraduate maintenance payments

All student school/faculty funded postgraduate maintenance payments (excluding reimbursement of expenses and payment for work done) are administered by the Student Finance (Funding) team following a request from your school’s authorised signatory.  

When will I receive my payment?

School/Faculty postgraduate maintenance payments are usually paid monthly in advance.

Monthly payments are always due on the 1st of the month for the month ahead, but are often paid slightly earlier. This is because payments clear on a Friday, so where the 1st of the month does not fall on a Friday, payments clear the preceding Friday.  Therefore for budgeting purposes you should use the 1st of each month when setting up Direct Debits (DD) and Standing Orders (SO).

Note: Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays may impact on the payment day, though we will always bring the payment forward rather than delay it.

How is my payment made?

We are only able to make maintenance payments into UK based accounts.  If you need to open an account before you are in the UK, although we cannot help you with this there are some organisations that do provide this service, some examples are: 

Please be aware we are not supporting or endorsing these companies or their services. You must make your own decision on whether to use them.

We can only process a payment if you have supplied your bank account details for this purpose. Instructions for entering bank account

Who will receive a scholarship payment?

Providing an authorised payment request has been received by Student Finance (Funding), your payment will be processed if bank account details are in place and you have completed registration. 

An award will not be paid via the standard payment process if you:

  • haven’t registered
  • have withdrawn
  • are under examination
  • have suspended
  • have completed your programme
  • are classed as an external student

Payment can only be made in these circumstances if you awarding department has agreed to do so and the decision is communicated directly from an authorised signatory by email to the Funding team.


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