Available funding for United States students

Federal Aid and private loans are available for eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students from the US.

The University of Leeds has withdrawn from participation in the VA Education Benefits programme.  Due to this withdrawal action, VA Education Benefits cannot be used for enrolment in any programmes offered on or after 26th April 2024.  This action was rendered by VA under the authority conferred in 38 C.F.R21.4152(b)(5).

Undergraduate funding

Federal Stafford Loan 

This has US Government subsidised and unsubsidised components. The US Government pays the interest during periods of study and a six-month grace period. The grace period begins when you:

  • complete your study
  • withdraw from your course or 
  • drop below half-time attendance.

The amount of Financial Aid that you are eligible to receive depends on your year of study and whether you are classed as dependent or independent

Federal Stafford Loan amounts
      Dependent     Independent
 Year of study  Total Subsidised  Total  Subsidised 
 1  $5,500  $3,500  $9,500  $3,500
 2  $6,500  $4,500  $10,500  $4,500
 3-5  $7,500  $5,500  $12,500  $5,500

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

Parents of dependent undergraduate students can apply for a Federal Parent PLUS Loan, which can be used to cover any shortfall on the cost of attendance once the Stafford Loan has been taken into account. If you are unable to take a Parent PLUS Loan, you may be able to borrow a Stafford Loan up to the increased limits for an independent student.

Private loans: these are credit based. A co-signer may not be essential but could improve the loan’s interest rates.

Postgraduate funding

Federal Stafford Loan

You may be eligible for up to $20,500 per year, the whole of which is unsubsidised.

Federal Graduate PLUS Loan 

You can apply without involving a parent. The amount available can cover anything up to the full cost of attendance.

Private loans

These are credit based. A co-signer may not be essential but could improve the loan’s interest rate.

Interest rates and charges

Direct Loan interest rates and charges

Private loan interest rates are dictated by the lender. You'll need to direct any questions to them.