NHS Learning Support Fund

The NHS offers various types of additional financial support to students studying certain Medical, Dentistry, and Healthcare courses to assist with costs related to study such as travel and childcare.

Training Grant

It has been announced by the Government that additional funding support will be available to Healthcare students from September 2020. This includes students who are going into their second or third year of study.

Please note that Medicine and Dentistry courses are not eligible for this Scheme.

This additional funding includes:

· a non-repayable payment of £5,000 to eligible students each academic year

additional payments worth up to a total of £3,000 per academic year for students in specialisms ‘specialist subject payments’ or regions struggling to recruit ‘regional incentives’ or to help students cover childcare costs ‘parental support’

For further information regarding eligible courses and personal eligibility please see the NHS website.

Please note that this is not considered an NHS bursary by the Student Loans Company. You will be asked when applying for your loans via the Student Loans Company if you are in receipt of an NHS bursary and you should answer ‘NO’ to this question if you are recieving this Training Grant.

Travel and dual accommodation expenses

Excess Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses can be reimbursed when undertaking practical training on placements. You will need to complete the relevant claim form which can be found on the NHS website.

Child Dependants Allowance

The Child Dependants Allowance is a grant for students who have parental responsibility of at least one child aged up to 15 years, or up to 17 years if registered with special educational needs, on the first day of the academic year. Further details of the eligibility criteria how to claim this grant can be found on the NHS website.

Exceptional Support Fund

Students who are facing financial hardship, have exhausted all other means of funding and need additional financial support to continue their study can apply to the NHS Exceptional Support Fund to be considered for an additional grant. This grant can be worth up to £3000 per year. Details regarding the criteria and application can be found on the NHS website  .