Additional funding

There is extra funding available in addition to your statutory funding package which can be based upon academic merit, low income and whether you are experiencing hardship. 

Find out here about other possible sources of funding.

Leeds Financial Assistance Fund

The Leeds Financial Assistance Fund (LFAF) provides discretionary grants for University of Leeds students who are experiencing financial hardship. Applications are means tested and depend upon individual circumstances.  You can apply at any point in your study.  You can apply for support only for the academic year you are in. 

NHS Hardship Grant

This is a hardship grant for medical and dental students who are experiencing financial hardship and have applied for and exhausted all other forms of support, including the Leeds Financial Assistance Fund (LFAF).  See here for further information.

Leeds Bursary

The Leeds Bursary (LB) is available to Medical and Dental students in the first four years of study who meet the eligibility criteria.  This is in addition to your standard funding. 

5th Year of study medics and dentists in 2020/21 onwards may be eligible for the LB.  Please note that we cannot assess eligible students without an assessed household income figure. Please click here for important information about financial assessments.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Scholarships

Please see here for further information about Intercalated, Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships in the Faculty of Medicine and Health.