Non-domiciled in England

For medics and dentists who don't usually live in England you will need to apply to your funding authority for NHS support in your 5th Year of study in Medicine and Dentistry.

Funding for medics and dentists according to where you live

• Students from England
• Students from Wales
• Students from Scotland
• Students from Northern Ireland
• Students from the EU/ Republic of Ireland


Non-NHS funded years:  

Student Finance England (SFE) - 0300 100 0607

NHS bursary years:

NHS Bursary 


Students who normally live in Wales and studying in England will be contacted by the Funding team as you approach your 5th year of study to apply to NHS Wales for Bursary support.  See here for further information:

Non-eligible years:

Student Finance Wales - 0300 200 4050

Eligible years:

NHS Wales Student Award Services - 029 2090 5380


All Years :

Student Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) - 0300 555 0505

BMA 5th year of medicine:

funding for Scottish students.

Northern Ireland

All Years:

Student Finance Northern Ireland - 0300 100 0077

Further information regarding 5th Yr of study for students from Northern Ireland


All years:

Student Loans Company

*subject to change