Changes of Circumstance

The funding that you might get will be affected by changes to your progression, for example by suspending, repeating a year, or withdrawing from your Medicine or Dentistry course. 

Find out what to expect if your situation changes and if your eligibility for funding or the level of funding is likely to change.

Funding for the length of your course + 1 year

The NHS Bursary in England, NHS Wales and the SFE have similar but slightly different rules and ways of applying for extension funding.  All three authorities allow for an additional year of funding to cover one repeat year. 

Repeating a year with Student Finance England

If you are in study years 1 – 4 and this would be your first repeat year with no previous study you should be entitled to funding from SFE.  You will apply for the repeat year you will be studying and the University will confirm this to SFE.

For more detailed information about change of circumstances in relation to the SLC please see here.

Please note that if you were about to progress into your 5th year of study and therefore would be entitled to apply to the NHS Bursary, you will no longer be able to do this and will need to apply to SFE for the repeat year funding.

Repeating a year with the NHS Bursary

You cannot commence with the NHS bursary in a repeat year (see above).  However, if you have already received a year of funding from them and then need to repeat a year, the NHS Bursary allows for a maximum of one extra year of extension funding.  You will apply to the NHS bursary letting them know the year you are repeating and the Funding team will send a BUR102 on your behalf to the NHS Bursary to request that extension.

Repeating a year with NHS Wales

The NHS in Wales will allow an extension of funding in exceptional circumstances, but you will need to put your case of exceptional circumstances to them. The Funding team will arrange for a BUR103 to be completed and signed off by your School and any supporting evidence from yourself will need to be supplied.  We will then send the form and the evidence to NHS Wales.

Suspending your study

Suspending with SFE

If you suspend your study or withdraw within the first four years of your course,  you will have been receiving your funding from SFE so please see here for further details.

Suspending with the NHS Bursary

If you suspend your study whilst receiving funding from the NHS Bursary then you must let them know as soon as possible to prevent over-payment.  Medical or Dental students may continue to receive their NHS Bursary during periods of authorised absence due to a medically certified illness or injury of up to 60 days in an academic year. The University will email a form BUR101W  to the NHS Bursary to confirm the temporary withdrawal. 

Suspending with NHS Wales

If you suspend your study whilst receiving funding from NHS Wales then you must let them know as soon as possible to prevent over-payment. 

Coming back to university

Returning to the university with SFE

If you return to the University following a period of temporary withdrawal in study years 1 – 4 please see here for further information.

Returning to the university with the NHS Bursary

The Funding team cannot send a Resumption of study form until you have actually returned to the University.   When you resume after any period of withdrawal, regardless of the length, you must reapply for all elements of your bursary. The only exception to this is if you resume within the same academic / study year and onto the same cohort, you would not need to reapply for the basic award, however you will need to reapply for any additional allowances such as Childcare Allowance.

Change of income and the NHS Bursary

If you experience a reduction in your parental, spouse or partner’s income of 15% or more when compared to the previous financial year, you can apply for a current year assessment.  To do so, click the link from your BOSS account home page under ‘Download Current income Assessment form’


To talk to someone about possible changes in your circumstances and the financial implications of this, contact:

  • Funding team in the Student Services Centre on 0113 343 2007, or
  • Leeds University Union Advice in the Student Union on 0113 380 1290.

To inform the funding bodies of any changes:

  • NHS Bursary Student Helpline on 0300 330 1345
  • SFE Student Helpline 0300 100 0607
  • NHS Wales 029 2090 5380