PGR Supervisor agreement

The PGR-Supervisor agreement is designed to encourage you and your supervisors to openly discuss topics such as working arrangements, supervisory team roles, etc.

This will help ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of expectations and help you to get to know your supervisors and how to get the most out of your supervisory relationship.  

It will be compulsory for all new PGRS from Sept 2023. Current PGRs are also encouraged to complete the agreement.  

A guide to the process is available on the For Students website (PDF).  The form will be available from GRAD and also on the For Students website (docx).

Year one: 

The agreement should form part of your first supervision meeting, and the completed agreement form should be uploaded to GRAD as a training event.   

You will also be reminded to review and update the agreement as part of your First formal progress review, and at the transfer stage.   

Year two onwards: 

The agreement should be reviewed and if needed, amended, as part of the Annual progress review.  It should be uploaded as part of the files for the report.   

Changes to supervisory team: 

If any changes are made to the supervisory team, you and your new supervisory team will be prompted to review and update the agreement.   

If you have any queries about the process, please contact your Graduate School