Research in practice

During your research project, there may be practical issues to consider to keep yourself and other people safe.  Read more about how health and safety, fieldwork, pregnancy and other circumstances are managed here.  

Health and Safety  

Wherever you are working in the University there will be Health and Safety requirements which you need to be aware of and follow on a day-to-day basis.  Your local induction should cover these and where to find more information.  You may also find procedures, processes, risk assessments and training requirements depending on the area you are based in.  

To ensure you have the correct information about Health and Safety in research you should complete the Safety in Research induction for postgraduate researchers.  

You may also be required to complete a local health and safety induction before you can undertake your research. For instance, if you will be working in laboratories and/or other types of research facilities. You will receive further information from your Graduate School.    

Travel and Fieldwork   

PGRs travelling overseas or organising fieldwork need to use the risk assessment processes in place in their school or faculty to minimise risk and ensure that as a University we fulfil our duty of care to protect staff, PGRs and other affected people.  

Wellbeing, Safety and Health Services set out what the University requires of staff and PGRs in respect of travel and/or fieldwork health and safety considerations, along with guidance to help achieve this. For further information, please see the Fieldwork page of the Wellbeing, Safety and Health website.   

For information about local arrangements for travel, including risk assessments, please contact your Graduate School.  


Advice on health and safety issues relating to pregnant students may be sought from a School/Faculty Health and Safety Coordinator or Health and Safety Manager and/or University Health and Safety Services. Please see the Policy on support for pregnant students and students with very young children on the Equality and Inclusion Unit webpages. to view the Health and Safety risk assessment guidance and the Risk Assessment template.  

Disability Support  

If you are a disabled student and have any questions relating to Health and Safety and your disability, please contact your School/Faculty Health and Safety Coordinator or Health and Safety Manager and Disability Services.  

PGR Placements  

If you are engaged in a formal placement in conjunction with another organisation then it is necessary for a formal agreement to be in place to ensure you remain healthy and safe. Contact your Graduate School if you will be undertaking a placement  

Lone Working  

Within the University there are many reasons why people may need to work alone eg working out of normal hours when there are fewer people around or being in a remote location. It is important to think about how to keep lone workers safe. For more information see the Lone Working page on the Wellbeing, Safety and Health website.   

You should also download the Safezone app which has a check in timer. You can use this to share your location with the Security team if it would help you to feel more comfortable, for example if you are working alone in a building.