Out-of-term travel and immigration advice

If you’re looking to travel overseas during the University holiday periods, follow the advice below to make sure you don’t come across any difficulties.

Term has ended and we know many of you are taking advantage of the holiday periods to explore the UK or beyond. For those of you travelling outside of the UK, make sure to follow the right immigration advice to avoid problems during your travels or when you return to the UK.

Look after important travel documents and your Biometric Residence Permit

Replacing immigration documents can be very time consuming and expensive, and can cause delays to your return to the UK after the holidays. Take care of your travel documents and UK Biometric Residence Permit. During the holiday period, make sure you:

  • keep them in a secure place
  • don’t damage them
  • don’t lose them 

What if I lose my travel documents? Find more information on what to do if you lose your travel documents

Students with E-Visas 

If you applied for your student visa using the UK Visas and Immigration ID check app, and have since obtained a new passport, update your passport information by accessing your UKVI account.

UKVI recommend that you do this before travelling back to the UK to prevent delays at the UK border.  

Students attending on Visitor Visas 

If you’re studying at the University of Leeds as a ‘visitor’, UK border force may ask to see proof that you are enrolled on a course at the University and have the money in place to support yourself during your studies.

Make sure you have relevant documentation that you can use as evidence of your right to stay in the UK and be prepared to show this at border control.

Working during the holidays  

Student Visa holders on taught programs are permitted to work full-time during the holiday periods. However, there are certain restrictions for Masters students working in the summer holidays.  Please check what working restrictions are applicable to your level of study.

There are also rules on the types of work that you can do.  Find more on the website of the UK Council for International Student Affairs.