Setting up Your Support

Find out how to register with our Service to access academic support for your learning and exams

Letting us know about your disability

We encourage disabled applicants and students to tell us about their disability as soon as possible. Since it takes some time to put support and funding in place, the earlier you engage with us the better. 

Please note:  Any support you may have received at school such as exam arrangements will not automatically transfer to your studies at Leeds. The University won’t be aware of your disability unless you register with Disability Services. Once you have done so, we will assess the support you need at university.  

Already at Leeds? You can let us know about your disability at any point during your studies.  

Setting up your support

Whether you have just accepted your offer or are already on your course, there are two key steps to accessing support: 

  1. Complete the Disability Services sign up form
  2. Provide supporting information about your disability

Once you have submitted your details, we will review your registration to ensure that you have given all the information needed. We will contact you within a few weeks to confirm your registration and advise you of the next steps.

Accessing other forms of support

Whilst you’re waiting for us to process your registration, you can start to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances or other external funding to support your studies. You can find out more about this external funding at

For information about requesting exam arrangements, please visit this page