Exceptional Support Fund

The Exceptional Support Fund (ESF) is available to students who meet the Learning Support Fund eligibility criteria and who are experiencing unforeseen financial hardship during their studies.  All other available means of funding must have been exhausted.

An ESF grant of up to £3,000 per academic year may be awarded to help students who can show there is a shortfall between their income and day to day expenditure, which they are not able to manage by their own actions.

Before applying for ESF students must have first applied to their university hardship scheme (At the University of Leeds this is known as the Financial Assistance Fund) or for any other funding available to them.  Even if an application to the university hardship scheme was unsuccessful, students can still apply for ESF as long as they are able to evidence that they have approached the University for help.  Because of this requirement the University must endorse and sign an ESF claim form before it can be submitted to the NHS.  Any claims that have not been countersigned will not be considered. 

Applications to the ESF can be submitted at any point throughout the academic year. 

Details regarding the criteria and application can be found on the NHS website.