Bradford Access

In 2020, the Bradford Partnership agreement ceased. For students already studying at Leeds on the Bradford Partnership, find out about how your study at Bradford on the Clinical Sciences course affects your funding on the Leeds Medicine course.

The gateway year to medicine

For future Medics, Leeds has developed a new Gateway to Medicine.  Please see here for further details.

Students in the Bradford Clinical Sciences Foundation Year wishing to apply to Leeds Medical School are considered via UCAS, with full details of the requirements available on the Course Search pages. It should be noted that there are no ring fenced places on any medical programmes for students who have studied on the Clinical Sciences course and that there is no agreement for students to transfer directly into year 2.

The Bradford Partnership

The Bradford University Partnership was one of a number of schemes designed to widen access to Medicine here at Leeds.  Medics joining the Clinical Sciences Foundation course from September 2020 wishing to apply to the Leeds Medical School in the future will need to apply via UCAS.  Clinical Science students already in progress at Bradford will continue with the Bradford Partnership.

There are still two main routes into Medicine at Leeds via Bradford.  Approximately 50% of Bradford students have completed the foundation year at Bradford and then progressed into YR1 Medicine at Leeds; others may have completed the Clinical Science foundation plus YR1 at the Bradford and then progressed directly into YR2 of Medicine at Leeds. 

The foundation year at Bradford is integral to your Medicine course at Leeds.  Being on the Bradford Access Medicine with Integral Foundation Year 6YR course at Leeds indicates that your foundation year at Bradford is not ‘previous study’, but is integral to the ordinary length of your course. 

Students progressing directly into YR2 Medicine, having studied the Clinical Sciences YR1 without having also undertaken the foundation year of Clinical Sciences,  will have transferred into the MBCHB 5YR programme.

For Bradford students transferring into Medicine with an integral Foundation year, YR4 will fall in the 5th ‘year of study’ and therefore attract NHS funding for the final two years of Medicine.


Student Loans Company NHS BURSARY
Foundation Year in
Clinical Science



Bradford study and repeat funding

The rules about how funding works where there have been integral study years at Bradford plus repeat years is complex and the Funding team can advise.  However, here is an example of where the 5th year of study occurs where a Bradford Access student has repeated an academic year. The YR2 repeat would be funded by the Student Loans Company with a 1+gift year of funding.


Student Loans Company                                        SLC  SLC NHS  NHS
Foundation in Clinical Science











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