Work placements, study abroad and extending your Tier 4/Student visa

If you have a confirmed offer for a work placement as an assessed part of your current course, or if you will be undertaking a study abroad year, it is likely that you will need to apply for further time on your visa as a result.  

What do I need to know?  

If you undertake an industrial placement your Student Visa will no longer cover the full duration of your course. You will need to make a new visa application to extend your visa.  

When do I need to do this?  

You can make the visa application within the 3 months prior to the start of your placement, or within the 3 months prior to commencing the following academic year of studies. It must be submitted either side of the placement year. Your placement provider may insist that you submit the application prior to starting work with them so it is important to check their specific requirements.  

Where can I make the application?  

The application can be submitted from within the UK or from overseas in your country of residence. If you apply from outside the UK, your passport will be retained during the decision-making period. If you apply from within the UK, your passport will not be retained but no international travel will be possible until you receive your new Biometric Residence Permit.  

What is the cost?  

The costs vary depending on where the application is submitted.  

- Outside the UK: £490 (3 weeks UKVI processing)  

- Inside the UK: £490 (8 weeks UKVI processing)  

Expedited processing options may be available at additional cost and some visa application centres charge for appointments and premium services. In all cases, the Immigration Health Surcharge will also be payable for the full period covered by your new visa at £776 per year (+ an additional £388 for the 4 months wrap up period after your course end date). A full list of current UKVI fees is available here:  

Do I need a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?  

Yes. You cannot reuse a CAS statement so the University will need to issue a new one for use in your visa application. You will need to complete a CAS Request Form and email this to the address listed on the form. The Student Visa Advice team may request to see certain documentation (to ensure your application meets the Immigration Rules) prior to CAS being issued.  

Can anyone take an industrial placement?  

Student Visa holders are only permitted to study for a maximum of 5 years at degree level (RQF Level 6). If the addition of an industrial placement to your course takes you over the 5-year limit you will not be permitted to go on placement. For more information on time limits please refer to: Student Visa Time Limits  

Can I get help with my visa application?  

If you choose to make your application outside the UK, please refer to this guidance. 

If you intend to submit your application from within the UK, please refer to the extending your visa in the UK page. If you have any questions or concerns about making your visa application, then please contact the Student Visa Advice team: