Preparing to leave Leeds

Like arriving at University, the more planning you can do in advance of leaving, the better prepared you will be for saying goodbye and moving on to the next stage in your life. 

If you’re thinking about leaving before the end of your studies, make sure you also read the leaving early support information and essential guidance. 

Get ready to move out of your accommodation 

If you’re in private-sector accommodation

  • Check your accommodation contract commitments and how and when your deposit will be returned.
  • Inform utility companies (electricity, gas, water) and your broadband provider, if these are in your name. Give them your date of departure, meter readings and a forwarding address for correspondence or to refund any credit you may be entitled to.
  • Contact your bank to cancel any standing orders or direct debits relating to your accommodation.
  • Decide whether to arrange for your mail to be forwarded automatically to your new address by the Royal Mail Redirection Service.

If you have any difficulties with moving out processes you can contact Leeds University Union Advice for advice.

If you’re in University accommodation

Check the information for residents who are leaving

Taking possessions home and donating unwanted items

You’ll probably have more possessions now than when you first arrived. Plan in advance your options for transporting these home; sending excess baggage if you’re leaving the UK; and giving away anything you don’t want to keep. 

University of Leeds Sustainability and Leeds University Union help students find new owners for possessions they don’t want to take home, and avoid 300 tonnes of left-behind items going into the rubbish. Check Sustainability’s student residents’ moving out information or ask the Help and Support team in Leeds University Union about charity shops and collection points where you can easily donate any unwanted items before you go.

Inform other organisations  

  • Tell your bank you’re leaving. If you aren’t closing your account, remember to change your address.
  • If you’re an international student/postgraduate researcher who registered with the police, you must email or phone the Overseas Registration Office to tell them the reference number on your police registration certificate and the date and place of your departure.
  • If you have a job, give your employer the required amount of notice.
  • If you have children here, let your child’s nursery or school know your leaving date in advance.
  • If you have a TV licence, or other contracts or memberships, tell the organisation that you’re leaving and check whether you can claim a refund for any unused months before your agreement expires.
  • If you’re an international student who’s worked in the UK and paid income tax you might be entitled to have some tax refunded. Check information from HM Revenue & Customs and National Insurance.

Find out about access to University services after you leave

Access to your University IT account

  • Before graduating check information about your IT account including how long it stays open after you leave and how to get a refund for any unused printer credits
  • Students leaving permanently before the end of their studies need to be aware that their IT accounts will close immediately after their official leaving date

Access to the library

Find out how you can use the library after you graduate as one of the University’s alumni.

Access to the Careers Centre

  • Leeds alumni can create a graduate log-in on the Careers website and have access to Careers Centre services for life after graduation.
  • 15 months after graduation, you’ll be contacted as part of the national Graduate Outcomes survey which helps the University assess the impact of a Leeds education and how well it equips graduates for their future careers.  
  • Whatever your plans are at University, whether you know what you want to do next, are completely unsure or are somewhere in-between, the Careers Service can help you. You can access online guidance appointments and application feedback while the Careers team continue to work remotely. Visit the careers website for further details.
  • You can find more information on the Graduate Outcomes website.
  • Your feedback shapes University policy and helps us improve things for students in the future, so it really is appreciated.

Access to Leeds for Life

You can access your Leeds for Life account for up to 5 years after leaving the University by logging in using your University username and password. If you have problems logging in, contact

Prepare to return home from time away 

Reflect on any ways you and your life have changed since you started University and what it will be like to be back at home again. It may be difficult to fit into old routines and relationships. It’s normal for there to be a period of reacclimatising for you and your family, friends and colleagues. Although it’s more evident for students who’ve had an ‘international’ experience, the same uncertainties of initially feeling out of place or no longer feeling ‘at home’ can be experienced by all students. Reading about 'reverse culture shock’ can give ideas of what to expect and how to help yourself settle back into life at home.