Looking after you

There can be a lot to juggle when you are at university   Alongside your academic studies you may also work part time, have children or have caring responsibilities.

You may also be impacted by global or UK events that affect your wellbeing. Sometimes things can happen in your life that can make it difficult to manage daily demands. 

Balancing everything you want or need to do with your academic demands can sometimes push out making space for your wellbeing and activities that can help you manage and keep stress under control. Sometimes balancing everything is easier and other times the pressure can seem to increase, especially around assessments time. 

Here are a few things that can help keep you healthy, focused, and positive so you have the energy to deal with the demands in life: 

  • Finding time for being active on a regular basis can give you good headspace away from your studies and can be a great way to meet people.  Check out the Get Out Get Active programmem and LUU clubs and societies.
  • Give your wellbeing a boost, help with sleep, anxiety and a full range of videos that can help you relax.  
  • Give your energy and pocket a boost by giving thought to the food you eat.  Living on take aways or Uber eats can be quick, is not always the healthiest and can cost you a lot of money.  Check out Save the Student recipes that you can make – cooking as a flat or household can also help save money and give you some social time.  
  • Take time to explore your city.  Leeds has many free and low-cost things you can do to help give you some headspace and time with friends and if you are a student parent – great for taking kids to.