Your privacy

Information about a disability is considered sensitive personal data under data protection legislation. Any details that you share with us will be kept strictly confidential. 


  • Disability Services uses your personal information to enable you to access academic-related disability support while you are studying at Leeds. 
  • With your consent, we collect certain medical and diagnostic information from you so that our team can support you effectively. Establishing support may require liaising with a range of people. 
  • We'll always ask your consent before sharing any information about you with your GP, other mental health workers, academic and University staff, and agencies and professionals outside the University. We always ask that the people we share your information with respect your confidentiality. 
  • Some staff within the Disability Services team receive regular clinical supervision and if a staff member discusses you in the context of their work, they'll do so without revealing your identity. 
  • We will not speak to your parents/guardian about you without your express permission. Visit our parents page for information about our legal responsibilities to you. 
  • In certain exceptional circumstances, such as where there is an immediate and serious threat to your personal safety, we may disclose your information without your consent. Even then, we would try to discuss things with you and obtain your consent before taking any action. 

Your data

  • We store your details and communications in a secure database in order to manage your information and provide support. We also hold a hard copy file of essential documents for reference in a secure, locked environment. 
  • We retain your record for as long as you use the service and your data is deleted six years after you have left Leeds, in accordance with data laws. Data on applicants, general enquirers and offer holders who do not attend the University of Leeds are held for one year from the last date of contact. 

Information about your data