QuickScan is a computerised screening programme intended to reveal whether you might show signs of a specific learning difficulty.

It also indicates your preferred learning style, which can help you to study more effectively.

You can access QuickScan here:  https://quickscan.me.uk/QS7/LEED/QSStart.htm

Please note: QuickScan is a not a diagnostic tool. This means its results cannot be used as evidence of a disability. However, you may find it a useful first step in establishing whether you would like to pursue a formal diagnosis.

How QuickScan works

QuickScan asks a series of questions about what you would do in certain situations or how you feel about particular activities. It is not timed so you can take it at your own pace.

At the end you will receive a computer generated report which will indicate your learning style and whether you show any signs of a Specific Learning Difficulty.

Before you start

Please enter a memorable code and keep a record of it. You will need this to log back into QuickScan once you have finished the screening programme.

Please also take a note of the code on the report you receive at the end of the programme. This will allow you to retrieve your report later. The number will start with the letters LEED followed by a series of numbers and/or letters.

Once completed, you will able to view and print your QuickScan report.  

Press ‘Print QuickScan Report’ at the top left of the first report page if you wish to have a paper copy of your report.

I have my results, what now?

Once you have your results, you will be directed to further resources within Disability Services to help you decide how to proceed.

Pursuing a formal diagnosis

The University of Leeds is not able to provide or fund diagnostic assessmentsIf you wish to book a diagnostic assessment of specific learning difficulties (SpLD), you will need to arrange this independently.

Below are the details of local SpLD assessment providers who can carry out full diagnostic assessments of Specific Learning Difficulties. 

Please contact these organisations directly for information about prices and services. The University is not able to recommend any particular individual or organisation, and cannot take any responsibility for the services they provide.