Assessment Access Arrangements

If you're disabled or become ill at the time of your assessments, then special assessment access arrangements may be made for you. 

An “assessment access arrangement” is the name given to any alteration to the standard assessment. They are put in place to ensure that all students have access to a fair and equal assessment.  

They might include things like: 

  • extra time 
  • rest breaks 
  • use of a computer 
  • a support worker to assist you, such as a reader, scribe or prompter. Download the examinations assistants document for more information. 

Assessment access arrangements are made on an individual basis. Please note, any arrangements you may have had at school will not automatically be transferred to your studies at Leeds and you should reapply for them once at university. 

For more information see the Disability Services webpages.

Applying for assessment access arrangements 

To request arrangements for your exams: 

1.    Complete the Disability Services sign-up form
2.    Provide suitable evidence of your disability 


You must have provided both your sign-up form and evidence by the following deadlines to have exam arrangements in place: 

  • Friday 22 October 2021 (to be in place for January 2022 asessments)
  • Friday 18 February 2022 (to be in place for May/June 2022 assessments) 

Next steps 

Once you have successfully submitted your evidence and sign up, the Disability Team will email you to confirm your arrangements. 

Checking your exam arrangements 

Once your exam arrangements have been confirmed, you can view them via Minerva

  1. Log into Student Services 
  2. Click on "Examinations" 
  3. Select "Examination Arrangements". 

Download our checking your assessment access arrangements document for an in-depth guide on assessment access arrangements. 

Unless you are advised otherwise, your exam arrangements will remain in place throughout your course.

Late notice 

If you have not signed up with Disability Services and sent sufficient evidence by the published deadline, you will not have arrangements in place for the upcoming set of assessments. However, they will be in place for all future assessments. For example, if you miss the October deadline, you will not have arrangements in place for the January assessments, but you will for the May/June assessments. 

Your assessment access recommendations will still be visible via Minerva, but you will see an entry entitled ‘not current exam session’ along with the rest of your assessment access recommendations. If you feel you will be disadvantaged by not having arrangements in place, you should talk to your School about the possibility of applying for mitigating circumstances.  


If you're absent from an assessment or believe that your performance in an assessment has been affected by illness or other adverse circumstances, you must provide a written explanation to your School(s) within five working days of the assessment. In the case of illness, this must be accompanied by a full medical certificate from a doctor. 

Please check your School's individual mitigating circumstances policy, including deadlines for each semester and where to submit the claim. 

Temporary assessment arrangements due to short-term illness or temporary disability

If you require temporary assessment arrangements due to a short-term illness or disability, you should submit a request to your School with a medical note dated within four weeks before the start of the assessment period. 

You will receive an email from the Assessment & Progress Team once your assessment arrangements have been made. 

Queries about your assessment arrangements

Please contact the Assessment & Progress Team via with any queries about your confirmed assessment arrangements. 

Make sure to include your student ID number and the module code of your assessment in the email.