Returning to the UK after your course

If you want to return to the UK after your course has finished, it's important to know about the arrangements you have to make.

Returning to the UK for the same purpose for which you received your visa (studying) should cause no problems. You might like to carry some documents in your hand luggage that demonstrate that you still meet the visa requirements. You may not need them, but if an immigration officer asks you then you'll have them ready.

These documents could include:

  •     your CAS letter
  •     a Student Registration Status certificate
  •     bank statements
  •     sponsor letter
  •     student card.

It depends upon your personal situation which of these documents are relevant to you.

If you've finished your studies, do not intend to take another course and want to re-enter the UK, there is a risk that you may no longer meet the immigration rules, especially if your course end date was brought forward. If an immigration officer considers that your reason for coming back to the UK has changed then they could cancel your immigration permission. In practice, this is unlikely to happen but you travel at your own risk.

Returning to the UK for graduation

You can return to the UK for graduation if your visa is still valid. You may be questioned about your intentions, as you are no longer studying.  You should explain that you are returning to attend your graduation and carry some documents in your hand luggage. These documents should show that you were a student and that you are returning for your graduation.

These documents could include:

  •     Your CAS letter
  •     A Student Registration Status Certificate choose the option for 'graduation invitation'. 
  •     The confirmation email you receive when you book your graduation.  
  •     Bank statements to confirm you can support yourself while you are in the UK.
  •     Student ID card.
  •     Return flight ticket (to prove you will leave the UK after your graduation) 

If your visa is no longer valid or you completed your course early and your visa was curtailed by UKVI, you must apply for a new visa to return to the UK to attend your graduation.  You should apply for a Standard Visitor Visa, there is some useful guidance on the Family and Friends Visits page, however please note you do not require an invitation letter.