Collecting your Biometric Residence Permit

If you have a Student visa or a short term study visa and are attending a course for six months or longer, you’ll need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) in Leeds.

Your BRP is proof of your visa and your immigration status inside the UK. There are two options for collecting your BRP, depending on the information you included in your immigration application.

You can check your BRP collection location by logging onto your online visa application and checking the payment section. Your BRP collection location may also be displayed on your UKVI decision letter.  

Collecting your BRP from the university

Step 1 

After you have arrived in the UK, complete your online identity check For question 4 of the online identity check form make sure you select the option ‘Student with a Student Visa and BRP - University of Leeds BRP Collection Location’.  

Step 2 

The University receives and checks your BRP. Once it is ready to collect, we will send an email to your University of Leeds email address with instructions on how to collect your BRP. You can collect your student card at the same time.  

Step 3 

Follow the instructions in your ‘BRP - Ready to collect’ email and attend your booked appointment. Make sure to bring your passport when you collect the BRP as this will be needed for verification purposes. 

Please note that you should aim to complete your online identity check as soon as possible after arriving in the UK. However, you only need to collet your BRP within ten days of it being available to you. This means that, if you are collecting your BRP from the University of Leeds, you should collect it within ten days of receiving an appointment email from the University of Leeds. 

Collecting your BRP from a Post Office or Library

If, instead of the ACL code, you provided a postcode in Leeds in your immigration application, you will need to collect your BRP from a selected Post Office or Library in Leeds.

You should have received a decision letter from the Home Office, which states where you should collect your BRP from and the date it will be available.

You’ll need to collect your BRP before you can complete your online Identity check For question 4 of the online identity check form make sure you select the option ‘Student with a Student Visa and BRP - Other BRP Collection Location (e.g. Post Office)’. 

Please find information on the location and opening times of post offices by following the links below: 

Headingley Post Office 

The Markets Post Office 

Armley Post Office 

If you are under the age of 18, and you choose to collect your BRP from a Post Office or Library, and you are travelling to the UK with an adult, please ensure that the adult completes a UKVI Nomination form in advance of their travel. This will then enable the adult to collect the BRP on your behalf. Please note that nomination is not required if you choose to collect your BRP from the University. If you are unable to have an adult collect on your behalf please email and we will be able to arrange collection for you.

Changing your BRP to an eVisa

The UK is replacing physical immigration documents like BRPs with digital eVisas. This means that your BRP may be short-dated to 31/12/2024 even if this is before your actual visa expiry date. Before the end of 2024 you will need to get access to your eVisa which should be valid for the full length of your course. Find more information about changing your BRP to an eVisa on this page.