Drugs and alcohol

This section includes the university approach to students using drugs and alcohol, where to access information and support and details about disciplinary processes. 

We are a harm reduction University 

The university does not condone the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescriptions drugs or alcohol, but we do understand that some students may choose to take drugs or drink alcohol during their time at Leeds.  Our harm reduction stance means we’re committed to reducing harm by offering the support, resources and education students need to feel safe, make informed choices and success – at Leeds and in the future. 

Help in an emergency 

If you are someone else is in danger, including a drug overdose, act fast and get help immediately.  Drug overdoses can be fatal or cause permanent damage. Don’t delay getting help because you may be worried about what may happen if you or others are involved in taking or supplying the drugs.  A failure to act may result in action being taken against you.   

Emergency help need on campus or in university accommodation 

Contact University Security Services on 0113 343 2222.  They are available 24 hours a day to help and can work with other emergency services to get you help quickly.  Or if you have downloaded the Safezone app press ‘Emergency’ 

Help off campus 

Call 999. If you are in venue also let the bar staff know what is happening and that you have called for assistance. 

Advice, Information and Support

This section includes where you can access confidential support if you have concerns about your drug or alcohol use or that of someone else’s or access help if something happens to you. 

As a harm reduction university, we want to make sure it is easy for you to access confidential information to provide support if you need it.  If you are concerns about someone else you can also access any of the following support services and organisations. 

Support on campus 

  • Leeds University Union (LUU) offers a confidential space for you, help with any impact on other areas of your life such as housing, academic or financial (including if you are living with someone that you have concerns about). You can get in touch by dropping into the Foyer in LUU or email advice@luu.leeds.ac.uk   
  • If you experience any inappropriate behaviour or assault, including sexual, harassment, hate crime or bullying or drink spiking you can get in touch with our Harassment and Misconduct team.  The team offer a confidential, non-judgemental space for you. 
  • Student Counselling and Wellbeing team offer free confidential advice to all students at Leeds.  There are daily drop in sessions that you can attend as well as 1:1 support.  You can get in touch to make an appointment.  

Support off campus  

  • Forward Leeds offers free, confidential alcohol and drug support for people in Leeds.  They have an experienced and professional team that focuses on helping people choose not to misuse alcohol and drugs, and reduce risk-taking behaviour through dedicated prevention, intervention, and support.  Forward Leeds also hold regular drop in clinics at LUU so you can call in for a confidential chat.  To find out more, click here 
  • FRANK is a confidential helpline that offers honest advice and information about drugs.  You can get in touch to ask a question or for advice.  You can phone, 0300 123 660, text, 82111 or email, frank@talktofrank.com 
  • Alcohol Change is a UK charity that focuses on reducing alcohol harm. Their website offers support, interactive tools, tips, and education to understand and manage your drinking.  To get in touch click here  
  • Drinkline is a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking or someone else’s.  You can get in touch by phone: 0300 123 1110  
  • Drinkaware offers education, resources, and support to help you reduce or stop drinking, support others, understand the effects of drinking, and more.  

Disciplinary Action and Complaints 

The University has a legal responsibility to ensure that its premises are not used for illegal drug activity – this includes your University accommodation and campus. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all our students, so it is important that you understand our policy regarding illegal drugs to maintain a secure and healthy community. The University's policy on illegal drugs also extends to off-campus activities that impact the University, its students, or staff. If your involvement in illegal drug activities off university premises affects the welfare of the University community, disciplinary action may be taken, and you may be reported to the police.  

We take a particularly serious view of anyone involved in the supply of illegal drugs, including providing drugs to friends. Engaging in such activities is strictly prohibited, and any individuals found to be involved will face severe consequences, including disciplinary action and potential legal ramifications.  

Remember, the possession and use of illegal drugs is against the law. A drug conviction, or even a caution, could get you expelled from the University and seriously restrict your eligibility for certain careers. We expect all residents to adhere to the laws and regulations governing illegal drugs. By complying with this policy, we can create a safe and supportive community for everyone. 

Any student involved in antisocial or criminal behaviour, including using or supplying illegal drugs can face disciplinary actions from the University.  You may also be referred to West Yorkshire Police.   

For further information please refer to the following policies 


When you sign up to the Student Contract, you agree to abide by the rules, regulations, procedures and codes governing your studies, learning and conduct at the University. This includes alcohol, drug and substance abuse.  See the student regulations and rules for taught students 

When you accept your accommodation contract you agree to follow the terms and conditions of living in university accommodation, This includes disciplinary regulations around the illegal use of drugs.  Click here to view your accommodation contract terms and conditions 

Leeds University Union 

LUU has also adopted a harm reduction approach. Find out more about their approach and LUU policies related to drugs and alcohol.