Getting individual support that is right for you


If you would like to be seen in the next couple of days, you can book a 30-minute Wellbeing Drop-In appointment for advice and resources.  If needed, we can then direct you towards a practitioner for ongoing support.  

To book visit the Appointments page on the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Hub and select Wellbeing Drop-In. 

There are three main types of support available to you depending on your circumstances. Please find below further information on each type of support. 

YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE ACTIVE REGISTRATION at any one time. Please select EITHER Mental Health, Counselling or Wellbeing. If you are unsure, you can complete this request for support form. 


Wellbeing appointments offer practical advice on self-care and will help you develop strategies to manage your difficulties.  Up to four sessions are available, with follow ups if necessary. 

Please visit the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Hub for more information and to register for Wellbeing appointments. 


Counselling offers a reflective space to explore your difficulties and explore the potential for change.  Up to four sessions of Counselling are available with follow ups if necessary.

Please visit the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Hub for more information and to register for Counselling appointments. 

Mental Health 

Mental Health Support is available to students with a diagnosed or emerging mental health condition.  Our Mental Health Advisors will work with you to manage your condition during your time at the University of Leeds. 

Please visit the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Hub for more information and to register for Mental Health appointments. 

Need or prefer an online appointment?

If you’re not able to come to campus, or would prefer online appointments, find out more about receiving support online.

If you are not sure what support you need 

That’s ok.  If you are not sure whether Counselling or Wellbeing is most appropriate for you and would like to talk to someone to get support you can book a 30 minute Wellbeing drop-in appointment to discuss your needs or complete the online form, and our team will allocate you to the most appropriate professional. 

If you prefer you can complete a form to register for a longer individual appointment for either Mental Health Support, Counselling or Wellbeing. We will read the form and then send a link for you to book in on a convenient day and time.  All appointments are available in-person or online.

Click here to register for our services

Talking to your school

If you have a problem with your academic work or something is affecting your work, it's important to talk to your school so they can help you get the right support.

The best person to talk to is your personal tutor or Student Support Officer. You can ask at your school reception if you are not sure who to speak to.

Find your school email, phone number and location.

You can also view the University's list of faculties to find further contact information.

They will listen to you and discuss your options. They can:

  • direct you to support services
  • give you advice about University processes
  • discuss study options
  • direct you to academic support
  • tell other staff (if you want them to) 

The sooner you talk to somebody, the sooner we can work with you to address the problem and help you get back on track.


If you have difficulty using our Hub software for registration, please contact our administrative team and someone will assis you in the completion of registration information and to book an initial appointment. You can contact us at or call 0113 343 4107