Graduation dates and times

The schedule allows you to see the date and time of your ceremony so you plan for your special day.

July 2018 Graduation  

July 2018 degree congregations will be held between 9-20 July 2018.

December 2018 Graduation 

December 2018 degree congregations will be held between 13-19 December 2018. The specific date and time of each degree congregation will only be confirmed around the end of September 2018.

* Joint honours students should refer to their new parent school or department. 

School  Date  Start Time

Biological Sciences

Breakdown now available

Thursday 12 July 9.30am, 11.30am, 2pm, 4pm
Chemical and Process Engineering Friday 20 July 9.30am
Chemistry Wednesday 11 July 11.30am
Civil Engineering Wednesday 18 July 2pm
Computing Friday 13 July 2pm
Dentistry Tuesday 10 July 11.30am


Breakdown now available

Thursday 19 July 9.30am, 11.30am
Earth and Environment Friday 13 July 9.30am


Friday 13 July 4pm
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Wednesday 18 July 9.30am


Tuesday 10 July 9.30am
Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies Thursday 19 July 11.30am
Food Science and Nutrition Wednesday 18 July 9.30am


Breakdown now available

Wednesday 18 July

11.30am, 2pm


Monday 16 July 9.30am

History (Including Institute of Medieval Studies)

Breakdown now available

Wednesday 11 July 2pm, 4pm

Languages, Cultures and Societies

Breakdown now available

Tuesday 17 July 9.30am, 11.30am, 2pm


Breakdown now available

Thursday 19 July 2pm, 4pm

Leeds University Business School

Breakdown now available

Monday 16 July 11.30am, 2pm, 4pm
Lifelong Learning Centre Monday 16 July 9.30am


Breakdown now available

Wednesday 11 July 9.30am, 11.30am
Mechanical Engineering Wednesday 18 July 4pm
Media and Communication Wednesday 11 July 4pm


Breakdown now available

Tuesday 10 July 11.30am, 2pm, 4pm
Music Friday 20 July 2pm
Performance and Cultural Industries Friday 13 July 4pm

Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

Tuesday 17 July 4pm
Physics and Astronomy Friday 13 July 2pm

Politics and International Studies

Friday 20 July 11.30am
Psychology Friday 13 July 11.30am
Sociology and Social Policy Friday 20 July 2pm
Transport Studies Wednesday 18 July 2pm