When to arrive

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Leeds! Check important dates before you book your transport, including your visa, orientation and induction sessions and when you can move into your accommodation.

When to arrive


There are many things to keep in mind when deciding when to arrive in Leeds. Here are some of the most important things to think about when you are starting to plan your journey. 

Arriving in January?

If you’re an incoming Study Abroad student or if you’re a student on a pre-sessional language course planning to arrive in January, the Study Abroad Office and/or Language Centre team will contact you directly with more information on your expected arrival date. If you have any questions on your arrival arrangements, please contact the relevant team for your programme.

When arranging your arrival, make sure to also check the following points: 

1. The ‘valid from’ date on your visa vignette  

You can only travel to the UK after the date shown on your visa vignette. If the ‘valid to’ date has expired because you have delayed travel to the UK, please head to the Remote Study and your Student Visa page to find out how you can request a new vignette. 

2. School/Research induction sessions 

You must arrive in Leeds in time to attend any induction sessions planned by your School. Your School will contact you directly with more information on this, so don’t forget to check your email regularly.  

If you think you might have problems attending these sessions, contact your School to find out when you can arrive and any other steps you need to complete before you start your programme.   

3. International orientation 

We have a full programme of events to help you get all the information you need to make a good start in Leeds. Make sure you arrive in time to attend International Orientation and don’t miss out on our range of information sessions and social activities.

Go to international orientation to see the programme and find out what’s on offer.  

4. When you can move into your accommodation  

Plan to arrive on your accommodation contract start date. 

Check your accommodation page to find out how to collect your keys and who to contact if you need to arrive earlier or later than planned.

I know when to travel, what happens next? 

Now that you know when to arrive, it’s time to plan your journey and book your arrival support.

The University of Leeds can support your travel and arrival by arranging an airport pick-up service from Leeds Bradford Airport or  Manchester Airport; ensuring you have food on arrival and helping you get essential items like bedding and kitchen equipment. Find out more about travelling to Leeds, travelling to your accommodation and arranging arrival support.