Study Abroad academic requirements and support

Each parent school has a dedicated academic who will be able to advise you on different aspects of your year abroad. 

Academic Support


Your School Study Abroad Coordinator is your main point of contact for academic support in the lead up to, during and when you return from your study abroad year.

Click on our School Study Abroad Coordinator contact list to find out who is the main point of contact in your parent school.

when should i speak to my School study abroad coordinator?

1. Before you apply to study abroad: 

  • check that they will support your application to study abroad.
  • discuss the academic suitability of destinations you are considering. 

2. Once you have a place on the Study Abroad programme and during your study abroad year:

  • advice on how many credits you need to pass during the year.
  • advice on your module choices.
  • completing School pre-departure paperwork, including Change of Programmes and Learning Contracts.
  • signing of Erasmus+ Learning Agreements (for students studying in Europe in 2021/22 only).
  • any difficulties you encounter during your study abroad year that may affect your wellbeing or academic performance.

3. Upon completing your study abroad year and when you return to Leeds:

  • how and when your study abroad year will be assessed.
  • obtaining Transcript of Records issued by host universities at the end your stay, which shows the grades you have obtained while studying abroad. 


The Study Abroad office is not able to advise on academic matters. Our advisers can help you with practical matters related to your studies abroad, such as advice about your application, issues with your travels and contact with your host university.

Read the Study Abroad Agreement to find out more what responsibilities students, schools and the Study Abroad office are required to fulfil throughout the programme.

To find out more about our Study Abroad office advisers, visit our Padlet

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