Student Ideas Fund

Do you have an idea that could help improve the University and the experience of other students? An idea that can strengthen ties with or improve your local community in Leeds? Apply for support and funding from the Student Ideas Fund to help turn it into reality. 

What is the Student Idea Fund? 

Our Student Ideas Fund is an exciting collaboration between the University, Leeds University Union and you – our students. Partnership is core to our mission, and we want to build, support and deliver the student experience together.

Whether you have just the seed of a concept or a fully-fledged idea, you will be guided through the process and ideas fitting the aims will be supported to fruition. There is grant funding available, ranging from £500 to £5000, if financial support is required. 

There are five main aims of the Student Ideas Fund:


  1. To improve the student experience  
  2. Build a sense of belonging  
  3. Strengthen ties with local communities 
  4. Promote sustainability in new and innovative ways
  5. To share knowledge and skills within or outside of the University in new or innovative ways




Who can apply?

All University of Leeds students, of any level of study, are eligible to apply. You can apply as an individual or as part of a group, LUU Club or Society.  

What is not eligible for funding/support?

There are some restrictions on what can be supported by the Student Ideas Fund. For a comprehensive list, please see our supporting Guidelines document

How does the application process work? 

  • Applications are open from the start of Autumn Semester (Monday 2nd October 2023) and close at the end of the Spring Semester (Friday 10th May 2024).
  • Whether the idea is early in concept, or already well developed, the team will assess the next steps so we welcome ideas at all stages.   
  • Applications must clearly demonstrate how they meet one or more of the aims of the Student IdeasFund.  
  • Please read the supporting Guidelines before making your application

You have two options: 

  1. If you have a fully formulated idea and feel ready to apply to the fund, please complete this online application form.
  • As this is an online form we suggest that you first download this word version which will help you to draft and prepare your answers in advance. 
  • If your idea requires funding you will need to download and complete this budget planner template along with your application. You will be asked to upload your budget planner as part of the online application form
  • Once submitted the Fund Coordinator will be in touch to talk to you about your application and the next steps. 
  1. If you have the seed of an idea and would like support from the team to help it to be developed, please complete this short early idea form. The Fund Coordinator will then be in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your idea with you in more detail and decide on the next steps. 


Panel Meetings 

Our Student Ideas Fund Panel is attended by staff from across the University and Leeds University Union. The panel meets regularly throughout the year to review submissions, primarily where grant funding is required.  The team will work closely with you before and after the panel meeting.  



Once you have completed your project, you will be required to submit a brief report to share the impact/findings of your work.



Here are some recent quotes from students who were successful with bringing their idea to life with the support of the Student Ideas Fund.

“By providing a safe and inclusive space for students to come together and connect, the society has played an important role in fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie on campus.”   Rose Zaifnejad, President of the Falcons Cheerleading Society 


“The support from the Student Ideas Fund  proved invaluable, empowering students to actively engage in aerospace exploration and fostering their long-term involvement in LURA.”  Theo Youds, Founder of Leeds University Rocketry Association



If you have any questions please do get in touch with the Fund Coordinator at