What to do if you're ill

Find out how you can get the help you need when you're ill, especially if you can't leave your accommodation.  

It’s important to look after yourself while you’re ill. Whatever your circumstances, find here some useful advice on what to do if you can’t leave your accommodation.

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Get treatment

The first step to getting the right care is to understand where to go to get the help you need. Find out who to contact if you’re ill, including if you’re having COVID symptoms. 

Get food and essential supplies

Arrange to have enough food/medicines if you can’t leave your accommodation. 

If you have an infectious disease:

  • Order your shopping online. Arrange this as soon as you can - it can take several days to get a supermarket delivery, so start early. We have lot of information on where to buy food in Leeds or online, including specialist supermarkets. 

  • Ask friends if they can collect food and essential items for you. Make sure they leave your shopping outside your accommodation and avoid making contact with them. If you’re new, or don’t know anyone outside your household, contact LUU Help and Support for guidance.

If you’re struggling to get food, contact the Student Information Service team. There may be support available to you.

Inform University services of any absences

Depending on your illness and your circumstances, you’ll need to tell the University if you’re not going to be able to attend your classes. Find out who to tell and what you need to do if you’re ill.