If your arrival is delayed

If you cannot arrive on time for reasons which you can’t control, follow our advice on who you’ll need to contact about your late arrival. 

Delayed Arrival


We understand that sometimes journeys can be unpredictable, and delays can happen for reasons that are outside of your control. Follow our advice to ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps to keep relevant services and school staff informed of your plans. 

If your planned journey will be delayed (for example, because of problems with your visa), you’ll need to: 

1. Ask your School for permission to arrive late 

All students are expected to arrive in Leeds by the start of term, and in time for their school induction and course start date/first day of teaching. 

If your arrival will be delayed, contact your school as soon as possible. You’ll need to obtain permission from your school to arrive late, even if you have already contacted another department of the University.  

Whether you get permission to arrive late and when you need to arrive depends on your programme of study, so each school may decide differently. For example, some programmes have practical sessions or other parts of the course that students could not catch up on if they arrive late. 

Please don’t travel to Leeds unless you have received approval from your school to arrive late. 

2. Book arrival support 

If your arrival has been delayed because of reasons outside of your control, contact internationalwelcome@leeds.ac.uk  to ask for our airport pick-up service to be provided on your arrival date. Please include the delayed arrival permission you have received from your school as part of your request.  

3. Check your visa vignette is valid for your travel date  

If you need to change your travel arrangements and the ‘valid to’ date on your visa vignette has expired, you’ll need to apply for a replacement vignette


If you’re staying in University accommodation, contact the Accommodation Office on accom@leeds.ac.uk to let them know about your plans. You can also contact them by phone on +44 (0)113 343 7777.  

If you’re staying in private accommodation, contact your provider to let them know about your delayed arrival. 

Asking for help 

Save important emergency contact details on your phone before you travel.

If you have any questions on how your delayed arrival might impact your first weeks at Leeds or other questions about student life, contact our Student Information Service.

Please also check our Visas and Immigration information.