Your accommodation

Arrange accommodation before you travel, know when you can move in and check what to do if you need to arrange early arrival.

Four people in University accommodation chatting to each other in the kitchen.

Arrange where to stay before you travel 

Before you arrive in Leeds, make sure you have arranged: 

  • permanent accommodation 
  • temporary accommodation if you need to arrive before your accommodation contract start date 

University accommodation

The Accommodation website can give you more information on University accommodation available. 

Private accommodation

If you want to find private accommodation, Unipol can help with your search. Check out their Leeds September 2024 page where you can also find their house hunting guide.

Unipol have created a webinar which teaches you everything you need to know about finding private accommodation in Leeds. Watch the recording of the House Hunting in Leeds webinar. Use the passcode 0BZ&R9ea.  

Visit our accommodation for families page for advice on moving to Leeds with your family.

When you can move into your accommodation

University Accommodation 

If you’ve booked to stay in university accommodation, be sure to arrive on or after your accommodation contract start date, unless your start date is later than International Orientation Week or your school induction.

You’ll need to complete your online accommodation induction to book a time slot to collect your keys and move into your accommodation. 

Private Accommodation 

If you’re staying in private accommodation, ask your private provider when you can arrive.  

What if I need to arrive before my accommodation contract start date?

If you need to arrive before your contract start date to attend International Orientation or an early school induction, it’s important that you:

  • check whether you can move in early to your long-term accommodation. If this is not possible, you need to book temporary accommodation. 
  • remember to budget for the extra cost of accommodation for any days you will be staying in Leeds before your accommodation contract starts. 

If you’ve booked University accommodation, make an early arrivals application as soon as possible. There are limited places in University accommodation for early arrivals, so this is not guaranteed.

If you’ve arranged to stay in private accommodation, ask your accommodation provider if you can move in early.

If your long-term accommodation provider is not able to offer you early arrival, book temporary accommodation in a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast. Visit Leeds has information about temporary accommodation in Leeds. 

In all cases, when you can move into your accommodation is one of the key points to consider when planning when to arrive in Leeds.

What if I need more information about my accommodation? 

You can contact our accommodation team Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 on +44 (0)113 343 7777 or via email at