Study abroad agreement

This agreement explains the actions and responsibilities you, your School and the Study Abroad Team agree to.

Make sure you understand, and are happy to do, everything in it.

The agreement applies to students going abroad on an exchange organised by the Study Abroad Team.

Student responsibilities

You will:

  • apply for study abroad on the basis of intent to travel and not as an option to consider later as withdrawn places cannot be reallocated
  • regularly check your University of Leeds emails during the application process and period abroad to maintain communication with the Leeds Study Abroad Team
  • proactively follow application procedures and adhere to all deadlines
  • respond promptly to requests for information and documents
  • ensure application forms are completed accurately before submission
  • attend briefing sessions and orientations - including the compulsory Placement Abroad Essentials briefing
  • use resources available to research accommodation overseas and make the necessary arrangements to secure accommodation
  • declare any disabilities or health conditions that may affect your period abroad as early as possible to ensure appropriate assistance is provided
  • do sufficient independent research into your host university and ensure the academic subject offerings available will be appropriate to your interests
  • research additional personal requirements that you may have without the expectation that partner institutions will provide the same level of support you are used to
  • ensure you understand the academic requirements of your year abroad before departure
  • ensure you have fully understood the financial implications of the year abroad including fees to be paid, student funding, grants and contingency funds in the event of an emergency
  • inform the Study Abroad Team of any issues that may affect your application
  • obtain documents (ie visas etc) necessary to travel to, and study in, your host country
  • be responsible for making necessary payments to your host university as required eg ad-hoc institutional fees (Leeds will not be liable for such charges)
  • fully explore the extent and limitations of insurance cover and any additional requirements you may have
  • complete a satisfactory risk awareness form before travel
  • stay informed on the latest Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office travel guidance (and that of your home country for non-British nationals) as well as entry requirements for your destination country
  • abide by any University of Leeds travel guidance and restrictions
  • keep in touch with the Study Abroad Team and your School while you are abroad
  • provide feedback on your experience on request
  • return end of year paperwork as required by the Study Abroad Team
  • agree to pay a £100 administration fee if you withdraw after the specified withdrawal deadline
  • agree that your placement cannot be changed to a different institution once you have been allocated a study abroad destination
  • behave in a professional and responsible manner, with respect for staff and students, both in Leeds and at your host university, as set out in the University of Leeds Learning and Teaching Partnership Agreement

Study Abroad Team responsibilities

We will:

  • communicate with you via your University of Leeds email address
  • provide you with general advice about the application process for your host university
  • provide you with relevant information about your host university
  • provide country-specific advice and guidance
  • provide general advice on how to find accommodation overseas
  • enable you to find out more detailed information about your host university and host country
  • help you prepare for your year abroad eg by hosting pre-departure briefing sessions
  • provide support and guidance for you while you are abroad
  • process your personal information in accordance with the University's Data Protection Code of Practice
  • only communicate with family members who contact us on your behalf where you have provided written consent for us to do so

School responsibilities

Your School will:

  • advise you on academic matters for your studies both prior to and during your period abroad
  • confirm your chosen modules are appropriate during the application period and after registration
  • provide academic support while you are abroad
  • provide pastoral support, if required, while you are abroad
  • provide all details about how your year abroad will be assessed