How to register

Students need to complete registration at the start of every academic year. This page talks you through the steps to take.

How to register

Activating your IT account

New students: Important information for Activating Your University of Leeds IT Account

  • Device Usage: Please use a laptop or computer for the following steps. We do not advise activating your IT account on a mobile device.

  • Activation Timing: You can activate your IT account 60 days before your programme starts. Please make sure you've accepted an unconditional offer from the University of Leeds. 

  • Waiting Period: After accepting the offer, please wait two working days before attempting to activate your IT account.

    • For international Taught Postgraduate students with tuition fee deposits:

      • You will also need to pay your tuition fee deposit or provide exemption evidence before accepting your unconditional offer. Once you’ve done this, wait for confirmation via email. Wait an additional three working days after receiving the confirmation email before you activate your IT account.

New students and PGRs will receive an email in their personal inbox from with the subject line “Your University IT Account”. This contains your username and the instructions for activating your IT account.  

Please make sure you check your personal email address’ inbox for this, including your spam folders, and follow the instructions in the email to get logged in. You can also find information about activating your IT account on IT’s website. 

If you have studied with us at any point before 13th December 2023, you will still have your old username and password. If you cannot remember your original password, reset it using Self-Service Password Reset or contact one of the teams named above. (If the IT Service Desk resets your password for you, you will need to fill out the form at to claim your new password.) 

Issues or Uncertainty? If you haven't received login instructions or face issues trying to access your account, please contact the IT Service Desk using their contact form or get in touch with the Student Information Service for further advice.

Next steps: After successfully setting up your IT account, make sure you complete online registration, and the identity check. Please follow the instructions below for information on how to do this.

Part A: online registration

You will be able to sign in to University systems with your username and password. Please note – being able to log in to University systems does not mean you are registered. See guidance below on how to register online. 

New and returning students: 

To access and complete online registration:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your username (followed by and password
  • Click 'Registration'
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the seven steps*
  • Save a copy of your Registration Certificate for your records

*If you see a hold message:
Follow the guidance on the hold message. If you have questions, contact the email address listed.

Part B: online identity check

If you're a new student, or have started a new programme of study, you will need to complete an online identity check to be fully registered. To find out more, see our how to complete your identity check webpage. If you are receiving a Student Loan you will need to complete the identity check in order to receive your funding. 

Timelines and deadlines 

For academic year 2024/25

For undergraduate, masters, and taught postgraduate courses:

You can begin online registration one month before your official start date/anniversary of start date. You should receive communications from your School with guidance on registration.  

All students are expected to complete registration within two weeks of their start/return date. Students who have not fully registered by this date due to delays in documentation or fee payment must discuss their next steps with the relevant department (see contact details in the following Where To Get Further Help section) and must have an agreed plan of action with this department. 

Students who are not registered within four weeks of their start/return date will be withdrawn from their studies.  Please find a table of our monthly registration deadlines for 2024/25 courses below.

Course start/return month

Registration opens

Registration deadline

September 2024 01 August 2024 (02 September for new undergraduates) 28 October 2024
October 2024 01 August 2024 (02 September for new undergraduates) 28 October 2024
November 2024 01 October 2024 02 December 2024
December 2024 01 November 2024 13 January 2025
January 2025 02 December 2024 24 February 2025
February 2025 02 January 2025 03 March 2025
March 2025 03 February 2025 31 March 2025 (avoiding days the University is closed)
April 2025 03 March 2025 28 April 2025
May 2025 01 April 2025 02 June 2025
June 2025 01 May 2025 30 June 2025
July 2025 02 June 2025 28 July 2025
August 2025 01 July 2025 01 September 2025

For postgraduate researcher programmes starting (or returning) on and after September 2024:

Registration opens for new and returning postgraduate researchers (PGRs) one month before the start date or anniversary of the start date. Please see the ‘Registration Opens’ date in the table below.

Registration must be completed by the last day of the start/anniversary month. Please see the ‘Registration Deadline’ in the table below.  

Any new or returning PGRs who are not registered within 1 month of their registration deadline will be withdrawn from their studies and lose access to their account. New PGRs must also submit documents for their identity check to complete registration. Any PGRs who have not submitted their documents within 1 month of their Registration deadline will be withdrawn.

If PGRs are unable to register before the registration deadline date due to delays in documentation or fee payment, they must discuss their next steps with the relevant department as a priority. Please see contact details for these departments in Where To Get Further Help section.

It is also important that you contact your Graduate School and let them know what is happening so that they can advise you on other options, for example a deferred start date (for new PGRs) or a suspension of studies (for returning PGRs). 

PGR Start date / anniversary of start date

Registration opens

Registration deadline

1 September 2024 01 August 2024 30 September 2024
1 October 2024 01 September 2024 31 October 2024
01 November 2024 01 October 2024 30 November 2024
01 December 2024 01 November 2024 31 December 2024
01 January 2025 01 December 2024 31 January 2025
01 February 2025 01 January 2025 28 February 2025
01 March 2025 01 February 2025 31 March 2025
01 April 2025 01 March 2025 30 April 2025
01 May 2025 01 April 2025 31 May 2025
01 June 2025 01 May 2025 30 June 2025
01 July 2025 01 June 2025 31 July 2025
01 August 2025 01 July 2025 31 August 2025

If you will be re-registering after a period of suspended study, your Graduate School will contact you at that time to provide further information about the registration and return to study process and registration deadlines. Further information can be found on our webpage for PGR absences, suspensions and extensions.


Common problems during registration 

If you have issues setting up your University IT account, please check that you are not trying to collect your username and password before the date shown above in the ‘Timeline’ section, stating when you can start registering. If you are a taught postgraduate (Masters) student, please check you have accepted your unconditional offer to study at the University of Leeds on your admissions portal, and if you need a visa, you have paid your tuition fee deposit or provided exemption evidence. You can also read guidance about the process on the IT article about setting up your University IT account

If you have trouble logging into your account after setting your password, please contact the IT Service Desk

If you need help during the online registration process, click on ‘HELP’ in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

  • If you can’t complete registration because of issues relating to your fee payment, you can contact the Student Fees team (contact details are below)
  • If you’re a British or EEA student who is expecting a student loan to pay for your fees, this must be approved by the Student Loans Company before it is linked to your university file. Your student loan will be released after you have completed both steps of the registration process (online steps and identity check). If you believe your loan is delayed, please check you've met the requirements for your loan. 
  • If your loan is for taught postgraduate study, you’ll need to set up a ‘PG Loan’ instalment plan to pay your tuition fees before you will be able to register. 

Where to get further help

Student Information Service: 

For further help and advice on the registration process you can contact us on or call +44 (0)113 343 7000 (from outside of the UK) or 0800 915 0402 (from inside the UK – this is free phone number, and you won’t be charged for calling this from your mobile or landline).
Information on Student Information Service opening hours can be found here:

You can also contact the following teams for specific issues you may be facing: