How to pay

Pay your tuition, accommodation and examination charges by card or bank transfer.

Online Card Payment

Making an online payment with Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay is quick and easy through our secure payment system.

If you prefer to use AliPay, WeChat or Paypal please use our secure Flywire payment portal

UK and International Bank Transfer

Make payment in your local currency, including GBP, using our secure Flywire payment portal

Pay in 140+ currencies with a best price guarantee, track your payment from start to finish and access 24/7 multilingual support if you need it.

Please note, we do not accept bank transfers into our account. Attempts to make such transfers will be returned to source. 

For your safety:

  • Do not use third party agents to transfer payments to the University of Leeds, as this can significantly increase your risk of being exposed to financial crime.
  • Find more information about fraud and scams
  • Do not email your card details to anyone, including the University of Leeds

Online courses - Paying module by module

If you are studying an online programme with the Digital Education Service, please contact your Student Success Advisor for information on how to pay.

Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctioned Countries

As an institution we are committed to preventing money laundering and complying with all applicable financial, trade and other sanctions. 

We take seriously the responsibility of ensuring that our business is not used for the purposes of money laundering and are committed to best practice in this area.

The University must adhere to banking regulations in relation to transactions with certain countries/regions.  Consequently we may not be able to accept payment from Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russian, Syria, Ukraine or Venezuela, and will undertake enhanced screening and due diligence on any such requests. If you are due a refund from the University, processing restrictions will also apply to those transactions.