Help in an emergency

Find details of who to contact if you need immediate support or help.   

A crisis is where you feel out of control or unsafe. You might be in difficulty or danger, or at a risk to yourself or others. This may include wanting to harm yourself or having seriously harmed yourself (such as overdosing). 

In a health emergency or if you feel in crisis:  

Emergency services phone number 999 is for Ambulance, Police , and Fire Services.   

Also, contact the University Security Service Emergency number +44 (0) 113 343 2222 if the emergency is on campus or in University accommodation. The University Security Services is a 24-hour service.    

If you are not in an emergency situation check the information below about non -emergency services:  

To speak to someone contact: 

  • Connect Helpline: 0800 800 1212 9 (Open 365 days 6pm – 2am) 
  • The Samaritans: Dial 116 123 
  • Nightline: 0113 380 1285 

Frequent mental health crises 

If you are having frequent mental health crises, it may be helpful to refer yourself to our Student Counselling and Wellbeing services so that a mental health advisor can discuss how you are managing your condition and how you can get support and treatment. To make an appointment complete this self-referral form.  

If you have non-urgent concerns about your mental health or wellbeing, please contact 

Remember, talking therapy may be helpful once your immediate crisis is over and you can reflect.