What has changed in the 2018 student contract?

Changes to 2018-19 contract

This document summarises changes made to the student contract for 2018-19. In most cases, the changes are presentational: they have been designed to make the contractual position clearer, rather than to alter it materially. In each case, the focus of the change is shown in bold type below.

Clarification of student relation to contract
Clause 3. For your academic life at the University your rights and obligations can be found at http://students.leeds.ac.uk/. Here you will find in particular University rules on such issues as attendance, student discipline, assessment, academic misconduct (such as, cheating, collusion and plagiarism), how to appeal against an academic decision and how to feedback/complain if you are dissatisfied with your experience. To the extent there are any changes to these rights and obligations while you are a student, the University will look to ensure that you suffer no detriment from those changes. You will generally be given the opportunity either to stay with the existing rights and obligations or to opt for the new ones.  

Clarification of the grounds for terminating registration
Clause 9. The University may terminate its agreement with you, not permit you to re-register for the following year and require you to withdraw from the University if you become unfit to study or otherwise fail to meet your commitments to the University - for example, by the non-payment of fees, inappropriate conduct or making unsatisfactory academic progress.

Clarification of University's contractual commitments to students and alumni
Clause 12. As a University student you automatically become a member of the University. The University will provide you with its alumni services; these services form an important and integral part of the University’s long term commitment to its students. Being a member of the University and the alumni community can give you access to a vast support network and a range of services and opportunities to stay connected with the University and fellow alumni. Please see https://alumni.leeds.ac.uk/.   

Clarification of demands for payment of fees and charges
Clause 17. You must make payment promptly on demand for fees and charges due to the University or other parties helping deliver part of your programme. Where someone else is responsible for payment on your behalf, you must ensure that they do so. You remain responsible if they do not pay. Demand for payment will be made and additional charges may be levied if payment is not made on time. Payment in full is required in one instalment unless a University instalment plan agreement has been agreed with the University. If arrangements have been made whereby periodic payments fall due on agreed dates, you must make payment on such dates without any further notification from the University. If any fee or charge remains outstanding after the due date, the University reserves the right to terminate services and terminate its contract with you. The University may take such action (including legal action) as it deems necessary to recover such fee or charge; and, in the case of non-payment of academic fees, the University may exclude you from the University, withhold any award or prevent your re-registration. 

Clarification of attendance requirements and attendance policy
Clause 20. Students during the prescribed periods of study must attend regularly, punctually and in an orderly manner. Unauthorised absence may lead to formal warnings and can even result in you being excluded from the University. For Taught Students please see the University's 'Unsatisfactory Work Attendance and Progress Procedure'  http://www.leeds.ac.uk/secretariat/documents/unsat_procedure.pdf and for Postgraduate Researcher Students see the Postgraduate Researcher Student Handbook http://students.leeds.ac.uk/downloads/download/1280/pgr_handbookIn addition, for international students, the University has a legal responsibility to report serious cases of non-attendance to the UK government – since this may affect the validity of a student’s visa. All students must notify their school in advance of any proposed absence. If at any time you have problems which may prevent you from attending sessions or continuing as a student, please talk to your personal tutor/supervisor or a member of student support staff who will do their best to help you. The University requires you to fully co-operate with attendance monitoring. For ease of use the University may implement electronic recording of your attendance (e.g. through an app on your mobile phone). You will be provided with further information regarding such monitoring before it is implemented. Please see http://ses.leeds.ac.uk/info/22108/registration_enrolment_and_attendance/789/attendance for further guidance. 

Clarification of process format for taking temporary leave
Clause 25. After you have received your offer and up until 14 days after you have registered at the University you have a limited period "cooling off period" in which you may change your mind, withdraw from your place/registration and cancel your contract with the University. You must give written notice of your cancellation to the University within the 14 day "cooling off" period. Please see www.leeds.ac.uk/cancellation for further information on your cancellation rights and statutory cancellation procedure if you wish to use it. We are very happy for you to send your notification of cancellation by email to registration@leeds.ac.uk. If you exercise your right to cancel you will no longer be a student of the University and your studies will be terminated. If you wish to take temporary leave please contact your School to make appropriate arrangements. 

Clarification of cooling-off period 
Clause 26. If you cancel within the cooling off period as required above, the University will refund any tuition fees paid. If you are an international student and have been required to pay a tuition fee deposit, the deposit will be refunded as detailed below.  After the "cooling off" period has expired, if you wish to withdraw your registration and cancel this contract, you may do so but you must contact your School in the first instance. Any ongoing commitment to continue payment or right to refund is explained at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/studentservicescentre/financial_admin/leavers.htm

Clarification of data processing issues
Clause 28. The University will process students’ personal data for the administration of their position as a student, including the use of University services such as, alumni activities, residential services, lecture capture, attendance monitoring, the Library and sports facilities. The University will on limited occasions share student personal data with third parties such as HESA and other relevant educational providers. Please see the University’s Student Privacy Notice at www.leeds.ac.uk/privacynotice. Please also see the University’s Code of Practice on Personal data (see http://www.leeds.ac.uk/secretariat/data_protection_code_of_practice.html). This Code provides further useful information. This Code is presently being reviewed in light of changes required through the new General Data Protection Regulations. If you have any queries relating to the University’s use of your personal data, please address your queries to the University’s Data Protection Officer DPO@leeds.ac.uk.   

Clarification of material used for public media
Clause 30. The University may take photographs or videos of you for later publicity purposes. Where practical to do so the University will endeavour to alert you when it wishes to do this, giving you an opportunity to request that you not be included. When the photograph is taken or the video filmed in a public place or on a public occasion, it may not be practical for the University to contact you in this way. It you do not wish ever to appear in a photograph or video used for publicity purposes, you should contact the data protection officer (see above) to explore the options. 

Clarification of contact for queries
Clause 39. Questions about this agreement or the application of University rules should be addressed to either j.r.gair@adm.leeds.ac.uk, or if by letter to the University’s Secretary, Room 13.08, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building, The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT. Telephone 0113 3434011.