What has changed in the 2023 student contract

Changes from the 2022-23 contract to the 2023-24 contract can be summarised as follows:

First set of revisions made in September 2022

  1. Web links have been updated as web addresses have changed.

  2. Under paragraph 9 the University has clarified that the obligation on students not to make false statements or omit significant information applies to all information provided to the University.  

  3. Under paragraph 12 the University confirms that students can be taught both face to face and online using digital technology.

  4. Under paragraphs 15 and 18 the University has made minor changes around the language of its commitments, to align with the expectations of its regulators concerning changes to programmes.

  5. Under paragraph 31 the University has clarified the cooling off period for undergraduates who start their studies outside the standard teaching periods. 

Second set of revisions made in August 2023

On 31 May 2023 the Competition & Markets Authority issued further advice to higher education providers on consumer protection law. Following a review of this advice the University decided to make further amendments to the 2023 contract. These amendments can be summarised as follows:

  1. Web links further refreshed. In particular under paragraph 18 the link to the University’s policy on amendments to courses has been deleted. The University re-states its commitment that if there are any significant changes to courses following acceptance of an offer it will be in contact with applicants/students.

  2. Under paragraph 1 the University confirms that the contract lasts until a student has completed their studies. It remains the case that the contract is reviewed and updated each year. Aligned to this position under paragraph 31 the University limits the so called “cooling off period” on 14 days to one occasion, from the time the student starts their course. It does not repeat annually on re-registration.

  3. Under paragraph 15 the University has narrowed the circumstances where it seeks to change courses and services and limit its liability.

  4. Under paragraph 16 the University has retained necessary flexibility where courses are affected by infectious diseases. It has removed a specific focus on Covid 19.  

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the University Secretary in accordance with paragraph 44 of the contract.