Transcripts and statements

Transcripts are available to current and former students. Statements are available to former students who require proof of their studies and award (where applicable).

What is included on my Transcript?

Your transcript includes details of all the modules you have taken in each year of study, including module titles, corresponding marks, and credits (for modular programmes). It also provides a record of whether you have undertaken a year in industry, or period of study abroad. Provisional marks do not appear on your transcript. 
Your transcript is a complete academic record, so we are unable to amend or omit any information on it.

When will I receive my Transcript?

Students studying a degree programme 

Your school may release results, which have been validated by an Examination Board,  throughout the year. We may not be able to provide a full transcript until the end of the academic year. 

Current students can apply for a transcript online

If you are a final year undergraduate student, and you are awaiting your final results,  please do not apply for a current student transcript . Students who have successfully completed their degree programme will receive a digital and hard copy copy of their final transcript and degree certificate. 

Study Abroad students (incoming) 

Students who have undertaken a study abroad programme should read about exams and transcripts

International Foundation Year 

Students who have completed the International Foundation Year will receive a final, digital transcript by the end of July. 

Former students

Students who have successfully completed a degree programme will receive a digital and hard copy copy of their transcript and degree certificate.

Students who have completed, or have permanently withdrawn from their programme, can apply for additional copies of their former student transcript.

Transcripts are not available for former taught postgraduate students who graduated before July 1992 as marks are not held for these students. Please apply for a former student statement.

Provisional results

Provisional results will not appear on your transcript. You can view your provisional and final results through Minerva. The Results and Resit Application pages are not available to view at certain times of the year when marks and awards are being processed by the Assessment & Progress Team. During this period, we are unable to issue a transcript, which includes your marks for the current academic year. The dates when you may be affected can be viewed in the Student Calendar

If you have a question about marks that appear on Minerva, or on your transcript, please contact your teaching school using the School Contacts information, or the Student Information Service.



A statement is an official document that confirms your basic personal details, attendance dates, programme of study and, if applicable, the qualification, classification achieved and award date.  

Former students who have completed their studies or have permanently withdrawn from their programme, should apply for a former student statement.  

You may need a statement as a supporting document to verify your degree in your home country. Please check with your embassy or ministry of education whether this is a requirement. 

Academic verifications  

An Academic Verification is a document which confirms your basic programme and award details where applicable. Academic verifications are not sent to students but to third parties, such as employers and other institutions.  

Third party organisations requiring academic verification for a University of Leeds student now need to register with Prospects Hedd and submit all enquiries at:

Former students who require a document to verify their degree should apply for a former student statement.

Current students who require proof of their student status should apply for a Registration Status Certificate online.

For more information about the services available to you after you have graduated please see our Alumni page.