Erasmus+ grants

If you'll be on a work or study abroad placement in a European country, you may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant to supplement your student loan.

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport.

There is sector-wide concern about the UK’s future membership of the Erasmus+ programme due to the result of the referendum to leave the European Union. The future is very uncertain however the UK government has confirmed that they will now “underwrite successful bids for Erasmus+ which are submitted while the UK is still a Member State, even if they are not approved until after we leave, and/or payments continue beyond the point of Exit”.

The University of Leeds will submit the bid for 19/20 Erasmus+ funding in February 2019 so therefore we are confident we will have the budget to fund student and staff placements in Europe during the 2019/20 academic year as well as the 2018/19 academic year.


Currently, the British Council manages the higher education part of Erasmus+ in the UK and sets the amount paid to students for each month abroad. The University makes the payment to eligible students. More information about Erasmus+ grants can be found on the Erasmus + programme website. The Erasmus+ UK National Agency is a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.

The Erasmus+ grant is awarded in addition to any student finance that you are eligible for. Read more about student finance on a placement abroad year on the Tuition fees and loans page. 

At the University:

  • the Study Abroad office looks after study abroad placements. Read about study abroad placements on the Study Abroad website.
  • the Careers Centre looks after work placements abroad. Read about Erasmus+ work placements on the Careers Centre website.

Administration of your Erasmus+ grant

If you'll be on a study placement abroad, the Study Abroad team will contact you when you need to submit paperwork to remain eligible for your Erasmus+ grant. Further information can be found in the relevant year's study abroad handbook.

If you'll be on work placement abroad, once your school has approved your work placement and passed on your name, the Careers Centre will email an application form to your University email account in May or June. More about applying and deadlines in Erasmus+ work placements information on the Careers Centre website.

    Erasmus+ grant amount and payments

    The Study Abroad team or Careers Centre will tell you the exact grant allocation and payment dates soon after the University receives the funding from the British Council. We expect eligible students to receive the grant:

    • if spending semester 1 or a full year abroad - first instalment of the grant in the autumn. The "top-up" instalment is paid at the end of the academic year.
    • if spending semester 2 or the third term abroad - first instalment around the time you leave to study abroad. The "top-up" instalment is paid at the end of the academic year. 

    As of 2018-19 the University of Leeds will guarantee Erasmus+ funding for a maximum of initially 70% of the full certified duration of your placement period.

    After your placement has ended, we will make a final “top-up” payment of up to a further 30% depending on the level of funds made available by the British Council.

    For all recipients, the Erasmus+ grant can only be paid into a UK bank account in your own name. Make sure you've entered your bank details into Minerva.

    Leaving early and repayment

    You may be asked to repay part of your Erasmus+ grant if you leave earlier than expected, or if the "certificate of attendance" that you receive at the end of your placement abroad suggests you were studying abroad for less time than you received the grant for.